chapfam99 United Kingdom

Property Type: House (detached / semi-detached)

We are off to South Africa for 10/12 days in March and need someone to look after our very precious dogs. We have not yet booked our flights as we want to be sure to find the right person to come and look after our 3 boys. The German Shepherds are 45kg's & 47kg's respectively, so we need somebody who is physically quite fit, but as they are quite sensitive souls, we need someone who has a very peaceful demeanour, as they can be quite a handful when excited. We would ideally prefer someone who works from home so that they can have human companionship for most of the day. They sleep in their outdoor kennels at night. Then we have a little springer spaniel who is madly lively or a real little couch warmer, given the chance.

House-Sit Duration: 8 - 10 days
Dates From : April 2, 2016 00:00
Dates to: April 9, 2016 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Kennels
  • Indoor pet management
  • Domestic dogs
Things To know: Our dogs mean the world to us, so we really would like someone who works from home, who can be a physical presence daily. They're big dogs and can be a handful, as the runt is a springer spaniel doesn't really respect the two German Shepherds' space.
Responsibilities: Walking the dogs daily, separately.
Points of interest:
  • Supermarket
  • Public Transport

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