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Property Type: Apartment / Flat / Unit

We are headed to sunny Italy and are looking for someone to stay in our flat in North London to look after our pets.  Our flat is a top floor, three bedroom flat on a quiet street in Muswell Hill.  It is accessible by a flight of steep steps. We have a private garden and access to green space (Coldfall Wood, just down the road and Highgate and Queens Wood just a short bus ride away...or, if you've got a car, you can also easily drive to the beautiful Hampstead Heath) and lots of buses at either end of our road, which can take you to a Northern Line tube station and easily into Central London.  Our pets are Aggy, a 6 year old beagle, who is very sweet, gentle and needy and hates doggy daycare (where she will go if we can't find someone to stay with her).  She is a typical beagle in that she can be quite naughty, likes to be the centre of attention (so a doting pet sitter is the best), and will steal your food. She would be happy to just curl up in your lap the entire day and loves to take long walks off the lead. She is bus and car savvy, but very scared of trains.

Our cats are Rose (a boy) and Muzzy (also a boy and a rescued Maine Coon, who we found under a bush).  They are friendly, but pretty aloof (as cats are) and just want to be fed mostly.  Muzzy comes and goes through the dog/cat flap, but Rose can't figure it out, so has to be put outside and let back in again. He is also obese, so outside activity is essential so he gets a little exercise!


House-Sit Duration: 1 week
Dates From : March 31, 2017 10:00
Dates to: April 7, 2017 05:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Indoor pet management
  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
Things To know: We will leave early in the morning on the 31st and be back evening time on the 7th. Aggy cannot be left alone in the house outside of her crate, but is fine to be left for a few hours each day. Aggy also will be able to stay with our neighbours from Friday evening, the 31st through Sunday evening and might be able to spend every night there too (from about 5:30 on). She can be destructive if she feels she's not getting enough attention, but is generally very good. She will eat anything she can get to, so keep food and etc. well out of her way! Rose, the cat, will also eat anything left on counters, including cake and other non-cat like things.
Responsibilities: The main responsibility is to feed the pets and keep Aggy company. She is a VERY sweet dog, but needs a lot of attention, loves to be with someone most of the time and gets anxious if she's left alone at home out of her crate (will bark, be destructive, etc.). She just needs a good walk every day and lots of snuggles and she'll be happy!
Points of interest:
  • Fresh Food / Farmers Market
  • Public Transport
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Cinema

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