Sunflower11 United Kingdom

Property Type: Apartment / Flat / Unit

Looking for someone very special, who is kind and warm and on the ball, who has lots of time to give to our beloved babies whilst we are away. With our babies comes responsibility, due to medication and diet.  Love and attention needed for our fur family. We would love to get to know you first and if possible for you to come and meet us before hand, or chat by Skype or phone. Our cat and dog are very friendly, and although shy at first, they will soon be your best friend. Both can be very demanding for cuddles....but fun and laughter are always guaranteed! Our home is very inviting and cosy and we really want you to enjoy your time here. There is broadband, full sky tv, a baker's, coffee shop and supermarket near by...all we ask is that our babies are kept in routine, our dog is kept company. Their health and medical needs come first. We would love to chat with you so we can get to know each other. We will check in with you regularly to see how you are all doing and would love any pics or videos from you whilst we are away! In return, you will have lots of love and two new best furry friends for life!

House-Sit Duration: 13
Dates From : February 20, 2017 00:00
Dates to: March 6, 2017 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Patio garden
  • Indoor pet management
  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
Things To know: A driver is needed! Both pets take medication daily and have a special diet, so some cooking is required. Our dog has separation a friendly companion is needed. This is chance to sit, relax, and rest with your feet up, with two furry friends as your companions, so someone who's happy to stay in is ideal. There will be lots of cuddles from them both, and our dog sleeps on the bottom of the we hope you don't mind the company.
Responsibilities: Keep the house tidy and clean. Clean the cat box daily. Food bowls and water bowls cleaned each time and changed regularly. Our dog must not be kept alone and both animals to be kept in routine! Both animals are devoted to each other and are total lap kids, so someone who is wiling to stay home with them most of the time would be really appreciated. Some cooking will be required for the diet, (dont worry its nothing to worry about) Regular walk for our dog, and some knowledge of our dog's breed would be appreciated... There are family members who live near by who are happy to help and we are just a call away question is too silly. Most of all we want you to enjoy being in our home with our fur babies and for them to be happy and feeling safe with you!
Points of interest:
  • Supermarket
  • Cafes & Restaurants

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