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Property Type: Town House / Terraced House

Lovely 2 bedroom terraced cottage in pretty village of Bray, Berkshire. My planned dog sitter has been taken ill, hence the late advert. Bray is a lovely village near Windsor in Berkshire and close to many pretty villages and lots of beautiful countryside. I have a charming local pub over the road with amazing food and 4 michelin starred restaurants in the village, if you're a foodie, my home is perfect!

My house sit does come with the responsibility of looking after two lovely Spaniels who are well trained and sweet natured. One spaniel has three legs so needs a bit of extra looking after and can't go for very long walks but likes to get out of the house for short little trips out for half an hour to an hour.

The house is very lovely and is my pride and joy. Hopefully, you'll find it very comfortable to live it, with a nice big comfy corner sofa for relaxing on.

I have a small back garden/ yard but in front of the house is a nice big green and communal grounds with lots of free parking ( I'd highly recommend a car, as there are no local shops but the next town is very close)

I would love to leave my dogs with somebody who will look after them like they are their own, as I love them very much and will worry when I'm away, unless I know they are in good hands.

House-Sit Duration: just over two weeks starting on the 23rd OR 26th of December
Dates From : October 6, 2017 00:00
Dates to: October 20, 2017 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Patio garden
  • Domestic dogs
Things To know: One of my dogs has three legs so will need a bit more looking after than normal as he can't go out for super long walks. The dogs are allowed on the sofas so will come and sit with you if you are there. The three legged dog needs a tablet with his breakfast.
Responsibilities: Feeding both dogs three times a day, including giving tablet to one dog with his breakfast. Letting both dogs out in the morning. Walking both dogs for 30 minutes a day Ideally walking the 4 legged dog for longer, when you can
Points of interest:
  • Fresh Food / Farmers Market
  • Public Transport
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • River
  • Historical Interest
  • Pubs
  • Hiking Trails

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