currycaridade Oregon

Property Type: Farm

Off-grid forest property on the SW Oregon Coast.  Small micro-cabin with piped water, composting outhouse, hot propane shower, and lots of privacy.  The property borders Rogue River - Siskiyou National Forest and is about 10 miles off Highway 101, and America's Wild Coast.  Ducks and Dogs need care; along with watching the solar/generator charged battery bank.  Some fresh vegetables and herbs can be gathered in the garden.  The ducks often lay eggs and make wonderful breakfast omelets.  A wonderful wood stove is in the cabin for heat, with a built in oven.  A propane stove is available as an alternative for cooking.  Towns are either 20 miles or 30 miles away, so a car will be necessary (4 wheel drive not necessary, but roads are gravel, both county and forest service.)

House-Sit Duration: 5 weeks
Dates From : February 15, 2016 00:00
Dates to: March 21, 2016 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Small holding
  • Domestic dogs
  • Farm animals
Things To know: The property is steep with lots of walking between the ducks, the dogs, and the washing up facilities. The micro-cabin is 8' x 16' and has no wiring or plumbing. The propane cooking and sink are outside on the porch. Battery powered lights and candles are used for interior lighting (batteries can be recharged at the centrally located battery bank.) A vehicle is necessary as the property is off the main road. It is a forest property, not a farm, bordering National Forest and timber companies. Handy skills and enthusiasm for the outdoors necessary. The winter can be quite rainy, with occasional strong wind storms. It isn't that cold, but can be wet. The timing includes about 1 week overlap before my travel. I have a separate micro-cabin, so you can move directly into your private space. The week is for me to make sure you settle in and can find you way around, as well as show you the few systems (water, power) and answer questions. I travel for work and will be out of the country for the time of the housesitting.
Responsibilities: Daily care of two dogs and 9 ducks, including feeding, watering, gathering eggs (the ducks), exercising (the dogs), locking up at night and letting out in the morning. Also daily checking the battery bank and starting generator as needed (more often during rainy periods.) Checking on the water system, possibly closing a valve in the event of a freeze (and opening it upon mid-day thaw.)
Points of interest:
  • Beach
  • River
  • Hiking Trails
  • Bush Walks

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