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Property Type: House (detached / semi-detached)

House-sit details:  A 2-bed. 1-bath all mod-cons. cottage - small front patio with BBQ and potted plants, vegetable patch, small garden on the canal bank in front of the house, set in an orange grove.  The house is attached to the working orchard warehouse, on it's own but neighbours within walking distance. Nearest village is 5 mins drive away and larger town 10 mins drive away. Estepona and Gibraltar are 25 mins drive away in opposite directions and further down the coast Algeciras and Tarifa, on to Cadiz etc.

Good walking, nature, bird-spotting area if of interest. Both nearest towns have good bars, restaurants, shops, Supermarkets etc. but in most of these (except perhaps in the Port of Sotogrande) they generally do not speak English. We have English friends in the village who would be "on call" if necessary for any problems etc. It would be perfect for someone who wants a quiet, get-away-from-it-all, relaxing stay who may want to experience the real Spain!

Dates:  Variable. We usually go away 3/4 times a year, and the dates for this house-sit assignment are flexible.

House-Sit Duration: 9 days
Dates From : August 30, 2015 00:00
Dates to: September 7, 2015 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Patio garden
  • Orchard
  • Indoor pet management
  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
  • Donkeys
Things To know: A car is essential as no public transport from the village. Not recommended for sitters who like hustle & bustle, more suited to those who want a quiet place to relax, read, enjoy the countryside around but within easy access to beach, marina, river - again all about 10 mins drive away.
Responsibilities: Petsit details: The main priority is our special boy Jake. He is a medium-sized lovely boy who needs nothing more than a morning (not necessarily long, as he is 11 now) walk, some breakfast, trips to the beach in the morning and any time we can take him with us, his dinner in the evening and lots of attention/TLC. It is essential in hot weather to take him out early. If the weather is cooler and you want to take him for an evening walk he would love it but it is not essential as he either sleeps all day or is out and about in the orchard. He stresses a little when we go away, so needs lots of fuss and cuddles for reassurance. He is very obedient and loves people who will play with him with his toys and would go in the car with us every time if he can! We do leave him sometimes, but never for very long periods, so this would not be a suitable sit for someone who wants to use it as an opportunity to be out every day visiting all the places around. Obviously, we accept sitters need to go out but we would not want him left all day. There are also some farm cats with kittens (about 8 weeks old now) which will need feeding. They are semi-feral, although 3 of the kittens are used to being handled. We also feed an abandoned donkey (Oaty!) in the next door field once a day in the evening! Pet care: Jake is not on any medication but has slight dermatitis so occasionally has to have a cream on his tummy and inside legs. His daily routine is quite straightforward. He's very laid back and as long as he is around us or whoever is here he is happy.
Points of interest:
  • Supermarket
  • Cafes & Restaurants
  • Beach
  • River
  • Bars

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