Kemkem Spain

Property Type: House (detached / semi-detached)

The house is a typical single story detached Spanish house in the town of Palomares del Rio, a suburb of Seville, about 16km from the center. We have 2 Beagles that are pretty easygoing and very friendly to be taken care of. A car is not required, but would make life easier. The supermarket is about a 20 minute walk, and the bus stop is about a 5 minute walk and goes directly to the center. They are regular on weekdays, but weekends, not so much. There is a mom and pop store close by and about 5 tapas places within 5 minutes walk. There is wifi in the house, and cable with big screen TV. It is a family friendly area. We would prefer a couple. We would also prefer no young kids.

House-Sit Duration: 2 weeks
Dates From : January 26, 2016 00:00
Dates to: January 4, 2016 00:00
Property Care & Maintenance:
  • Indoor pet management
  • Pool
  • Domestic dogs
Things To know: One of the dogs occasionally has seizures, we'll show you how to care for him, The dogs need daily feeding and exercise and lots of love. The house should be looked after and garden maintained. We are near public transport and amenities, but a car would be useful. We have a pool, and garden to care for as well as the house.
Responsibilities: Care for the dogs and the house. Security for the home is also important.
Points of interest:
  • Supermarket
  • Cafes & Restaurants

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