How to find housesitters

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Will you need to find housesitters for when you go away?

If you are planning to go away, whether for a hard-earned holiday or a business trip considering bringing in housesitters. While you’re away from home housesitters can care for your home and property making sure it looks as if someone is home. More importantly if you have pets, the housesitters can also be pet minders, caring for your pets in their very own home, they don’t have to change their routine one iota. So read on to learn how to find housesitters with

How does house sitting work

Firstly, you may already be familiar with housesitting as a concept, that people experience in home and pet care move into your home to look after things in your absence. However, did you know that it can be a free arrangement?

Is housesitting really a free arrangement ..?

Yes, that’s right. Once you have joined a network like and gone through the necessary checks it will cost you no money at to find the housesitter and to have them stay at your home to care for your pets, tomato plants and mow the lawn. That’s right! It’s a collaborative arrangement which means you benefit with your free housesit support. And they benefit with free accommodation and in effect an actively holiday in a new location. It’s a win win!

Finding trusted house sitters on

How do you know you can trust the housesitters in the Housesitmatch network? The network is small and professionally managed. It belongs to a family business specialising in affordable travel for home and petowner and house and petsitters.

ID checking is important for safety

Every new member is ID checked at three levels on registration. This keeps the site users safe. And then housesitters are strongly encouraged to provide references, and an up-to-date Police and background check.

Even if they are traveling the website is built in such a way to offer them an online service to update their checks, no matter where they are from and no matter where they are located. As long as they have Wi-Fi access they can proceed with the checks. All the checks then display on their profile.

The personal touch of a family business

housesitters and petsitters
Will you need to find housesitters for when you go away?

Plus Lamia, the founder of the site, and her team reach out on a regular basis to the new members to try and connect and help out where possible. It keeps the site a friendly community knowing there is someone there to help if you need it.

Building a profile

Once you have registered and done your checks and they display on your profile you can then proceed to build your more detailed profile. Tell other members a little about yourself and your motivation for starting housesitting.

Joining as a homeowner and petowner

If you are looking for housesitters and you are joining as a petowner or a homeowner then you will want to give some information about your location, your property and your pet if appropriate. Make sure you share good photos that promote any housesitting opportunity you have to offer. Include good photos of the inside and outside of your property, highlighting any features you think will attract housesitters (e.g. Swimming pool, garden etc). If you have pets, do show them in the profile photos and take a video if you can. We can help you to publish a video on your profile. This makes an assignment very dynamic on the site and will draw attention from sitters.

Joining as a housesitter and petsitter

If you are wanting to housesit or petsit through the network, then join as a housesitter or petsitter. And take some care when building your profile. We can help you. The view of your profile is the first opportunity owners will have to learn anything about you. And as such it really matters how you describe yourself, your property care experience, your love of pets and most importantly your motivations for housesitting. We can help to guide you if you need support here.

Homeowners post a housesit advert

If you have planned your holiday as a homeowner petowner you kick off the chain of reaction by posting your housesit advert. Once it is published, the advert is circulated among our active housesitters, our inactive housesitters and our social media following. All your contact details and exact location details are hidden for security reasons. Then housesitters will apply safely via the site. Then you can start a conversation with your applicants to see if you like each other and can organise the housesit between you.

Once you accept the sitter, and you the homeowner gets to choose, then you start the whole process of communication between you, and a timed review process.

Housesitters can apply for any housesit

Unlike some housesitting agencies because these are not paid assignments but collaborative arrangements between two parties you can apply for any housesit.

All that means you can travel across the world if you want housesitting and petsitting without pay for any accommodation. You simply exchange your services as a trusted petsitter or housesitter for free accommodation. All we ask is that you treat your host, their home and their pets with the utmost respect. And then you review each other after the assignment has finished. The reviews and trust count as currency on our site.

Reviews and views

On the completion of every housesit assignment both the housesitter and the homeowner earn a review. The reviews are informative giving a rating for communication, support, tidiness, care for the animals and so on. At Housesitmatch we insist that all members make an effort to write a detailed written review as well as give a rating for performance. It helps to give new readers of the reviews more information about the next possible opportunity that arises.

Affordable travel for all who love Housesit!

It's as easy as that… join the network, build a profile and then communicate with your opposite party. Working out the details can take some time and diligence. Once you have done all that enjoy the new relationship and the housesit. Happy housesitting!