Housesitting Hints & Tips

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Housesitting Hints & Tips – Useful Resources

To help you on your way to a safe and secure house-sit we have prepared some housesitting hints and tips including legal templates and guidelines for your use.

  1. Legal Documents:  HouseSit Match subscribers have access to our contract templates, among other useful documents, written by in-country lawyers
  2. Blog:  Read the HouseSit Match blog and learn how other people’s experience could help you.
  3. Easy sit guidelines:  We offer you a document that give some quick and handy checklists, and must share information.

Handy Guidelines

To help you we have outlined all the ideas fed back to us by sitters and owners alike such as check lists, instructions and helpful hints – now in one document: Easy Sit Guidelines. Whether you are a homeowner or sitter please be mindful of our HouseSit Match Terms and Conditions.

Housesitting Hints and Tips –  ALL MEMBERS

All members will be asked to give a few identifying details on registration to verify their identity. While we do not reveal your real name or contact details, we keep those hidden for security, we will display this logo to show that you have been verified by our partner Hooyu

Housesitting Hints and Tips – For Owners

As an owner about to brief a sitter we suggest you read the Easy Sit Guidelines and detail what is relevant for your home, pets and garden. It is a great way to brief your sitter on how to manage your property and animals in your absence.

Hints and Tips – For Sitters

As a house-sitter about to take on the responsibility of caring for a property and/or pets it is good to prepare by checking out our Overview of House-Sitter’s Responsibilities. To optimise your profile as sitter it can help to include either character references in your application ( as an attachment) or a scanned-in copy of your up-to-date police disclosure document. Please note we offer an online service on registration to get your ID and background checks done straightaway. This is the best option as a member of HouseSitMatch.

Your profile will show a Housesitting hints - get verified VERIFIED TICK then other members will know you’ve been checked!

For reference we offer the handy links below


  • Once registered on HouseSitMatch you will be asked to secure a background check through ONFIDO our partner
  • There will be a charge for this service, you will be asked to supply for identification documents


  • Once registered on HouseSitMatch you will be asked to secure a background check through ONFIDO our partner
  • UK Disclosure / Criminal Records Bureau
  • Disclosures Basic – Online Enquiry
  • Need advice on how to register an independent UK Basic Disclosure check, call: 0870 218 5915


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