How to Advertise Pet Sitting?

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If you are a pet owner or homeowner looking for an affordable housesitting and petsitting service, look no further. At HouseSit Match we can offer you a collaborative housesitting platform with support to help you find pet minders and housesitters. Learn how to advertise pet sitting very successfully every time you post an advert on our site.

How to advertise pet sitting

How to advertise pet sitting opportunities.

If you need to travel, for work or leisure, and have pets at home that need to be cared for in your absence, in-house pet sitting is a great option.  Some pets experience stress or anxiety when placed in catteries or kennels.

If your pets cannot be placed with friends or family members whilst you are away then you may have a tough decision to make.  To help reduce any stress the pet may experience you might consider finding a petsitter for live in home pet care.

Finding petsitters here saves you money

Finding petsitters through HouseSit Match also saves you money because once you have joined our network no money changes hands other than for expenses. The cost of pet care services has doubled over the last decade according to the latest census. So this is a great way to save.

beinners guide to petsitting
Some pet owners and petsitters become firm friends

Ensure that your pets receive appropriate pet care and support whilst you are travelling. You can do this by hiring an experienced a live in pet sitter. Or better still find one using a housesitting website like Then the website administrators will show you how to advertise pet sitting assignments. And your pet sitters will offer free exchange of pet sitting for free accommodation. It’s a fair exchange.

What is in home pet sitting

If you need some clarification on this fair exchange between housesitters and homeowners read our blog on ‘what s in home pet sitting’. This mutually beneficial arrangement between members of a housesitting website enables both to benefit. What is more the pets to be cared for also benefit. They get to stay in their own home with a pet minder maintaining their routines in their safe familiar space where they live.

What is housesitting?

Housesitting is an arrangement where a house sitter or housekeeper applies to look after your home and property. Most of the housesits on Housesitmatch include the responsibilities of caring for pets.  Check out our blog on the Top housesitting tips for homeowners.

HouseSit Match is collaborative

Here at HouseSit Match, we help home owners/pet owners find their perfect pet sitter once they are members of our site.  We have two different membership levels – standard and premium – and ask members to go through several checks to ensure that we are a safe platform.  House Sitting arrangements between home owner and house sitter are free, and can be short- or long-term depending on the needs of the home owner.

How to advertise pet sitting assignments

how to advertise pet sitting
Try and show all your pets in some of the photos you share in the advert

Once registered, you can advertise opportunities for pet sitting on our site. This is how to find pet sitting clients and indeed petsitters.

Top Tips in how to advertise pet sitting as a pet owner

  1. Post a new housesit advert – Start with a really clear advert title – Name your dates, your general location (i.e. town, country, country) and your pets that need care. One example of how to advertise pet sitting in an advert title might be – Dogsit – 3-15 July – Boston Mass USA, 2 Labradors.
  2. Make it clear how many pets and what kind – In your housesit advert mention all the pets you have that the sitter will need to care for.
  3. Describe your home and where the pet sitter will stay – Make sure you detail important information. Such details can help guide you in how to advertise pet sitting when you are competing against other pet owners, especially in peak holiday seasons:
    • Wi-fi in your home, is there a spare bedroom and bathroom where they will be living;
    • How close your property is to town or urban amenities or will they need a car;
    • Can they reach pubic transport easily on foot from where you live;
    • If you have a vehicle they can use in your absence subject to insurance and a valid driving license.
  4. Photos – A top tips for how to advertise pet sitting is always share good photos of your pets and home – The advert is your shop window. Make the most of this opportunity to attract petsitters to care for your pets.  Show them how cute your pets are and of course their size and age if you can in the photos.
  5. Respond as quickly as you can to any pet sitter applications – As soon as your advert is published an automatic email is sent to pet sitters. This means you need to be ready and primed to respond to interested parties when they show interest. A major lesson in how to advertise pet sitting that many pet owners learn to their detriment the first time is not being ready. The advert is live and you need to be ready to respond quickly. Popular pet minders get snapped up months in advance.
How to advertise pet sitting - Choosing photos

When you are creating your profile and advert you need to draw attention of pet sitters international and local. Don’t be shy about putting up the cutest or funniest pet photos you can find. No doubt you have hundreds on your mobile phone. Share them.

These will help to promote your pets, your pet sitting assignment and may give the pet minder some pet marketing ideas!

how to advertise pet sitting
Some pets are so amusing they can be very engaging and will sell your advert for you
Handling the pet sitter applications
  1. Friend on HouseSitMatch – When you click on their sitter profile to view who they are be sure to Click the button that says Ask to be a Friend. When they accept your connection will be like a speed dial on the website for future reference.
  2. Read both their profile and their application to pet sit for you – Check for any information that might be interesting to explore on a call when you first speak to them.
  3. Arrange for a call ahead of accepting them – See if you get on, if you have any commonalities and any specifics in the pet sit assignment that they need to understand better. And listen and respond to questions on both sides.

Then they apply and you can interview them. You can track your list of potential live in house and pet sitters until you find your perfect match.  You’ll be able to review the profile of all applicants on the HouseSit Match platform. You can also check any previous references that they’ve earned from other homeowners.

However, it’s essential that you speak to your potential pet sitters/house sitters (ideally in person). Only then can you see whether they are the right fit for your specific needs – and those of your pets!

How to advertise pet sitting

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.


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