How to Apply for House Sitting Jobs?

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How to apply for house sitting jobs

how to apply for petsitting jobs
Top Tip: How to apply for house sitting jobs – Use good photos in your profile that show you caring for your pet charges

If you are interested in housesitting as a house sitter  you will be joining a growing number of people who enjoy pets and travel. If you are coming to housesitting completely new you may want some tips on how to become a house sitter with no experience.

In this case you need to understand how to apply for house sitting jobs and pay attention to any ideas or tips you hear from successful and experienced housesitters. In this page we will guide you through the basic concepts and the necessary information you need to get started so you really know how to apply for house sitting jobs.

What is housesitting?

First you must understand something about the practice and protocols of housesitting. In order to really learn how to apply for house sitting jobs you must first learn what house sitting is.

Housesitting is the idea and practice of a housesitter being invited into someone’s home to care for their property and pets in the owner’s absence. This could be for a short period for holiday cover pet care or more longer term for per care or house and garden sitting in order to keep a vacant property safe

Who is doing house sitting?

Housesitting has become very popular among both keen travellers and digital nomads. It has become a safe and very affordable way to move from place to place and for you to offer your skills and experience as a house and pet sitter in exchange for free accommodation. It can be a win win with no money changing hands.

Latterly it has also become a popular way to travel for mature travelers, both retire and semi retired taking a grey gap year

Some people want to start and become a house sitter for free. Others are looking for a professional house sitter salary. If you are starting out new then you need experience and references. Either way you need to learn how to apply for house sitting jobs to ensure your adventure is a successful one.

Holiday house sitting

Even people who enjoy occasionally holiday house sitting need to hone their housesitters essential skills.

One really important point to note is that housesitting is not Couchsurfing. It comes with a set of serious responsibilities for the housesitter. Understanding the difference will mean you will not only be successful as a housesitter, but you will also really understand how to apply for house sitting jobs and to be successful from the start.

You need to understand the Top 10 in what a housesitter does in order that you do a good job and earn a great review.

The home and petowner gains excellent care for their home and pets while they are away, free of charge. And you gain housesitting and petsitting experience, and you get to live in a new location hopefully with some top tips of what to see locally and where to visit. Living like a local can be very rewarding and a great adventure. 

What is a trusted house Sitter

how do I apply for house sitting jobs
A trusted house sitter is someone you invite into someone else’s home to care for property and pets. Understand that and you’ll better understand how to apply for house sitting jobs

At HouseSitMatch we say that house sitter is responsible for taking care of a household when the host is away. In return, they don’t pay rent and stay in the house for free. The housesitter must take care of the home and garden if there is one, and of course the pets. Usually they are required to sleep at the home to ensure there is someone present at night for security. But how to apply for house sitting jobs like these is an art. 

How to apply for house sitting jobs – At HouseSit Match, you can apply for house sitting opportunities by registering first as a housesitter and petsitter though the two do not always overlap most housesits have pet minding requirements.

Remember, home and pet owners are looking for someone to mind my house and pets in their absence. They are looking for a reliable and trustworthy house sitter.

Joining a house sitting and petsitting network

By selecting your preferred service level (Standard or Premium) you choose the size and breadth of house sitter profile you present on the housesitting website. Choosing a Premium membership gives you more space, more photos and a video to present yourself as a house sitting candidate to the homeowners in the network. It can make all the difference allowing a homeowner and pet owner to get to know you a little better.

House sitting websites

Most good housesitting websites will offer you advice on how to become a house sitter.

Plus there are other ways you can really enrich your profile for as a petsitter. Make sure you watch all the videos and read the materials on your petsitter profile how to add huge value to maximise your chances with an optimal profile.

Read the blogs on the housesitting website. There will be information on petsitting what petowners look for when they want to find a great petsitter.

Remember live in home and petsitters are popular because they are a great kennel alternative. Most pet owners prefer to have pet minders at home with their pets. Whether pet owners look for bird sitters, cat sitters, dog sitters or another type of petsitter housesitting websites like can help.

How do I sell myself as a house sitter?

Make an irresistible house sitter profile

One of the most important steps in how to apply for house sitting jobs is your house sitter profile. It helps you to sell yourself as a house sitter.

Here we offer some of the tried and tested tips from one of our most seasoned and successful housesitters Kelly Hayes-Raitt.

In an excerpt from her HouseSitMatch blog offering 17 Top tips on how to create an irresistible house sitter profile she shares her best tips as a housesitter who has travelled the world on her housesitting skills, profile presentation and references. If you are wondering how to apply for house sitting jobs then these next tips are essential to incorporate in your approach.

Your house sitter profile is your first introduction to a pet owner.  It’s your on-line résumé! Here are my top tips to make it irresistible and your key lesson in how to apply for house sitting jobs!

reliable housesitting service
A reliable and caring housesitter looks happy in the company of their pet charges – show that in your photos
There are 4 elements to your profile:

• Description that answer standard questions, such as “Why I want to housesit.”

• Photos

• Video

• Reviews

House sitter profile description

how to apply for house sitting jobs
Kelly and ChaCha in Mexico – Photo by David Pisarra – How you appear in a profile photo matters when you understand how to apply for house sitting jobs

1. Create an engaging description of yourself that answers the question, “Why I want to housesit for YOU!” Show what you can bring to the “table.”  Don’t just focus on what you get out of housesitting.  Remember, you are providing a valuable service, not looking for free vacation digs.

2. Provide a little personal background – for example, your age, nationality, career, who you are traveling with.

3. Emphasize your experiences with pets and animals.

4. Include your experiences with managing/owning homes, pools, farms, gardens.

5. Include any medical or veterinarian background.

6. Stand out by showing your personality. It’s OK to take a risk and be controversial.  In my house sitter profile on HouseSitMatch, I mention that I’m writing a book about my experiences in the Middle East working with refugees.  That might turn off some people, but it has floated my application to the top of some very long lists.

7. Mention your travel experience as this conveys your flexibility and adaptability.

8. Triple check your spelling and grammar, particularly if you are not writing in your native language. Demonstrate that you pay attention to details.

9. Headline your house sitter profile with a phrase that sparks curiosity and inspires confidence.


Getting ready with an ID and Background check

By uploading a profile with lots of photos and information about yourself you provide relevant information to support your application.  If you love animals and want to petsit then make sure you post photos of you caring for the animals for whom you have done petsitting.

A key lesson in how to apply for house sitting jobs is to remember that the owner is letting you into their own home. Buidling trust is critical

One really important point in your application to be a house sitter and pet sitter is your ID verification and police and background check. Securing such a check early on makes the lesson in how to apply for house sitting jobs much easier. The checks give homeowners confidence to let you into their home, especially if you are new to housesitting or to the housesitting platform.

At Housesitmatch we enable you to do all this online via the housesitting website wherever you are in the world. Homeowners really value a house sitter profile with an up to date police check for housesitting.

The police check engenders greater trust from the outset. It facilitates trusted housesitting and petsitting. With an up to date police and background check you are more likely to become a trusted housesitter.

A petsitter looking after a number of dogs housesitting

Some housesits have the responsibility of multiple pets. Knowing your limits is also important in knowing how to apply for house sitting jobs. Don’t over stretch yourself if it feels uncomfortable.

Searching for a housesit assignment

Another vital step in how to apply for house sitting jobs is to search for a suitable housesit assignment for your skills. From there you can search housesit assignments, petsitting opportunities and property profiles. When you find one that suits you, then you can apply directly by sending a message through the system.

Even if you can’t make the dates this time, you can bookmark the housesit advert. This is a great tip in how to apply for house sitting jobs that appeal to you or suit your skill set. This way next time the house sit is published you will get an automatic email notification through the housesitting website.

Secure that housesitting or petsitting assignment

Understanding all that is required in a particular house sitting or petsitting assignment is critical in order for you to learn how to apply for house sitting jobs.

  • Meeting the owners – If you find an opportunity that interests you and you think you can do it then apply. However, some housesitters prefer to wait for the home owner to get in touch. The home and pet owners may want to meet your speak to you directly. Sometimes this is only possible in a virtual context because you are in different locations.
  • Prepare for your meeting or interview – Think about your meeting or interview before you get together. Think about the assignment and what they might be looking for in a live in home and petsitter. Try to consider the housesit and petsit from their point of view to ensure that you are a good match!
  • Ask questions so you fully understand the housesitting brief – Prepare some key points to ensure you present yourself in the best possible light. Will they need you to care for any pets, or even multiple pets? Do they need any specific gardening skills and are you comfortable with that?
  • Understand the responsibilities of the housesit – They will also outline the key responsibilities that they have for the role – from general garden maintenance to pet care. Remember, it’s important to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to fulfil those roles. This will ensure a stress free house sit/pet sit for both you and the home owners!

Secure a great review!

One of the most important recommendations in how to apply for house sitting jobs is to ensure your house sitter reviews are a good recommendation of your services.

Once the petsit is over, remember to ask for a review of your housesitting services.  There is nothing a homeowner and petowner likes to read more in a sitter profile than a complimentary review. They can really help to optimise building your housesitter profile.

Reviews help to optimise a house sitter profile

Gather reviews for your house sitting profile quickly following the assignment. It helps if you do this while the homeowners are still feeling warm and happy from their holiday and from meeting you their trusted house sitter. Gathering reviews is an important lesson in how to apply for house sitting jobs.

HouseSitMatch automatically sends both the sitter and homeowner an email prompting reviews.

Kelly’s Top Tip – Before posting feedback, send the homeowners an email thanking them for choosing you.  In it, include a draft of the feedback you plan to post asking if they have any changes they’d like made.  And then include a request that they post a review.  Politely remind them that reviews can’t be changed, so invite them to contact you first with any questions or concerns.

Consider the particular housesit assignment when you want to consider how to apply for house sitting jobs, and what the owners require

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway HERE.


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