How to become a house sitter

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How to become a house sitter

After signing up to HouseSit Match as either a Standard or Premium level house sitter member, we’ll ask you for more information. We’ll ask you to verify your identity and we strongly advise you to take a police and background check so that you build a strong profile. Homeowners like it when you have an up to date police check that shows you have a good public profile and no police record. A good profile as a house sitter will help you stand out when owners are selecting for a house- or pet-sitting role.

Housesitters can give peace of mind

What is housesitting?

Housesitting through Housesitmatch is an exchange of services. As a housesitter and petsitter we ask that you join our members network and offer your services for free. In exchange you will benefit from free accommodation. What is more it means that depending on where you want to housesit you can travel anywhere.

As a homeowner and pet owner if you offer your home and petsitting assignment you can benefit from free pet and home care. All in all this makes for very affordable travel, home and pet care all round. And we find that people make friends all over the world by taking part in this exciting activity.

Here at HouseSit Match, we have worked hard to create a safe and trusted space for housesitting. We have collaborated with house sitters and home and pet owners across the world since we first launched in 2013.  From the outset, we have helped thousands of sitters and home owners (and pet owners!) to find their housesit match.  We offer information and guidance to help you achieve a successful sitting placement every time.

Prove you are a trusted housesitter with a background check

Verification and Background checks – Support your house sitter profile

We ask every registrant to complete an online application form, this is pretty standard. As part of this process we ask you to provide basic evidence necessary to prove your identity (we ask for two identity documents plus one other piece of evidence, in order to do this).

We also recommend that for house sitters/pet sitters to have an up-to-date Verifile police and background check.

To make it easy we provide the system on line for you to do this no matter where you are in the world. If you have police clearance in advance from your home country, this will save time during the application process. Let us know using the contact us page.

This important step is free to registered paying members and builds trust in our website and database. You need to have two identity documents to hand e.g., Passport scan of photo id page, Photo driving licence Facebook logins, any other social media logins.

Please take time to go through this simple process. It will show your willingness to collaborate and work within our guidelines. This all goes some way to showing us what a trusted housesitter you will become.

A great petsitter will help your pets feel relaxed at home

Petsitting is a large part of housesitting

You may find as you go to Find a House-sit on this site that many involve pets. This is not unusual so a love of pets and animals and experience in their care can be very important. The most popular pets that need care in a housesit are dogs and cats and birds. However, there are usually a good selection of other pets to choose from, It is important that you can show the homeowner to whom you are applying that you have the relevant experience.

Starting as a house sitter

How to start your housesitting journey

For more information about becoming a house sitter, take a look at our registration page. This page gives a breakdown of the membership options for you on how to become a house sitter:

House sitter profile and reviews

Make sure that even if you start out with a local house sit or pet sit to get started you secure a review. It is even better if you can post that review to an online platform like a petsitting or house sitting website such as House sitter reviews are rapidly becoming a serious currency in trusted house sitting assignments.

Build a profile in social media

Some homeowners like to check your profile in social media. As a trusted housesitter this shouldn’t worry you. While we at always check the identity of all our members before we let them loose on the site the homeowners may just want to satisfy their curiosity before they invite you to their homes. So build a Facebook profile. And keep it honest and wholesome. If you are posting regularly you might want to use a Facebook post template to make sure your content appears as well as it possibly can.

how to become a housesitter
Follow our guidelines to become a trusted housesitter to care for properties and pets on

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage.

Or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.


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