How to Find Pet Sitting Jobs?

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How to find Pet Sitting Jobs

how to find pet sitting jobs
Digital nomads can make great housesitters

New to pet sitting?

If you are a pet lover and want to offer your pet sitting services as a sitter in the UK or abroad, our network can help.  You may be a pet lover who has cared for pets that belong to friends and family.

You may be a regular pet sitter, dog sitter or cat sitter. Which every way you have gained your pet care experience read on to learn how to find pet sitting jobs.

Whichever applies, you could register with a housesitting website and exchange your housesitting and petsitting services for free accommodation.  Once you’ve joined a housesitting network like Housesitmatch, secure an ID and background check. Then you can begin to build your profile. Present your skills and experience in home and pet care.

Getting started as a housesitter and petsitter

One way to find pet sitting jobs is to join a house and pet sitting network.

Registering with a housesitting website like Housesitmatch can be one of the best places to begin and where to find pet sitting jobs.

You can register with us as a House and/or Pet Sitter, completing our online application. Choose the right membership level for you.  We recommend Premium because it gives you a big profile to expand on your skills and experience in home and pet care.

This type of profile gives you lots of photos space, profile text space and you can add a YouTube video which really helps home and pet owners get to know you in a short introductory film.

Some pets get into all kinds of tucked away spaces

Get an up to date police and background check

To build yourself a strong profile online we always recommend that you complete your ID check. In addition we strongly recommend an up to date police and background check through our system.  We use a company called Verifile who can deliver checks via online resources to our clients wherever they are in the world.

Once approved, you can then search our house sitting vacancies to find the right opportunity for your experience and skills.  This gives you the chance to look for specific locations, short- or long-term house sitting or pet sitting jobs, and pet sitting assignments for different animals (from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles, and more!).

Police clearance could give you the edge over another sitter so do bear that in mind when you build your profile online. Home and petowners are looking for a trusted housesitting arrangement. Showing them that you have undergone this check is one major step to showing them you are a trusted house sitter.

It’s one of the major steps in how to become a house sitter.

dog exercise
Even if you are not able to walk the dog find a dog walker to help

Build a strong petsitter profile

Consider these pivotal questions – Are you the ideal petsitter? Do you think you know how to find pet sitting jobs?

If you were a petowner you would want the best for your much loved pet. As a fur parent you would be looking for particular characteristics like reliability and pet care experience.  Think about that when in your profile.

When you are building your petsitter profile help the pet owners find you. Consider what they might look for in an ideal petsitter. Consider each of those points then try to include your relevant experiences in your profile description and photos.

If you are very experienced at looking after large dogs or perhaps happy to give pet medication, say that in your profile. Perhaps you have friends and relatives who have trusted you to care for their pets and property and garden for extended periods, mention that too. These are all facets that detail your strength and experience as a live in house and pet sitter.

How to get a petsit

Once you have registered with a housesitting and petsitting website and you have build a profile start looking. The website will likely have housesit and pet sit listings. Check out the advertisements for home owners and pet owners looking for live in home and petsitters.  Research their blogs and information pages for advice they give on how to get pet sitting jobs .

Here at HouseSit Match, we help match pet sitters with pet owners to find the perfect, free, in-house pet sitting arrangement, so that you can temporarily care for the owner’s pets whilst they are away from home. We also provide valuable information on your petsitter profile – adding huge value .

Once you have completed your petstting assignment then ask your hosts for a petsitter review. A strong and complimentary review will do wonders for improving the strength of your profile. And with every good review your petsitter profile will only increase in strength.

So why not join HouseSit Match today. Start to browse the range of different house sitting and pet sitting opportunities and find a pet sitting job.

How to find pet sitting jobsTo find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting and how to find pet sitting jobs with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.

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