Is pet sitting a good job?

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Is pet sitting a good job?

Is pet sitting a good job? Pet sitting as professional job, offers a great opportunity for you to spend time with and care for animals. There are some people for whom that is the ideal job. And what is more they are often the ideal petsitter too.

is petsitting a good job
Looking after pets is a caring profession

If you think beyond becoming a professional petsitter, pet sitting can offer you more. It can offer you the chance to travel the country – and perhaps even the world.

You can put your pet care experience to good use

Your experience of being a pet minder can be put to great use. Consider the idea of exchanging your experience as a petsitter, whether you are a dog sitter, a cat sitter or in fact can care for many types of animals. You could exchange your pet sitting services and your time for free accommodation.  If you have the pet minding knowledge and pet care skills to effectively care for the pets no matter where you are then you have something to offer a pet owner looking for a pet sitter.

How does this exchange of services work?

is petsitting a good job
Petsitting assignments enable you to travel all over the world

Have you heard about pet sitting and housesitting websites? Online housesitting websites like offer you the chance to connect with pet owners all over the world. For them you would offer to be a live in pet sitter, for a timed in home petsitting assignment.

You could be travelling and housesitting in Spain one month, and house sitters in Cornwall UK the next.

Once you have joined the network and you have been ID checked and presented an up to date police and background check you can apply for assignments.

Benefits of sharing your petsitting experience

The housesitting and petsitting assignments are published all over the world. The fascinating thing is that when you apply to be a live in pet sitter for someone you will also get to experience their world. Sample their way of life and live like a local in their home while you care for their pets.

We have a range of opportunities available for the members of our site. Whether you are looking for long-term housesitting or short-term housesits in the UK or abroad, we have gigs involving a wide variety of pets.

The pets are such a joy!

All of the opportunities that we offer are free and in exchange offer rent free living. You stay rent-free in someone else’s home, taking care of their pets. Meanwhile, they do not pay you for your time petsitting. However, any expenses you incur in pet care outgoings will be covered. Such details would be outlined in the house sitting agreement.

Try a pet sitting and house sitting assignment

If you’d like to find a pet sitting opportunity for you, you need to complete our online application and provide key evidence necessary to prove your identity (we ask for two identity documents in order to do this).  We also ask for all of our house sitters/pet sitters to have an up to date Verifile background check.  If you have police clearance in advance from your home country, this will save time during the application process.

Once approved, you can view and apply for all of the pet sitting opportunities available on our site, and apply to be considered for the role, though the final decision is made by the home owner.

Is pet sitting a good job
The pets you will care for come in all shapes and sizes

Thought about pet sitting and ready to take the plunge?

If you have long thought about trying pet sitting either as a profession or as an amateur, do a little research. Read our article ‘The beginners guide to pet sitting‘, to help you get the feel for what it entails.
Then if you are thinking about becoming a professional pet sitter, consider the country where you will work. Research if you need a licence for pet sitting professionally.

Then think about how to get petsitting jobs.

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage.

 Alternatively, you can begin the registration process straightaway by clicking here.

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