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  • FREE Checked petsitters with references to cherish your pets
  • REFERENCES – All our house-sitters display authenticated references
  • HOUSESITTERS PROTECT YOUR HOME – Occupied properties are more secure than empty properties
  • CONTACT DETAILS are hidden. You reveal information on choosing a sitter, to your chosen sitter
  • ID AND POLICE CHECKS conducted on all sitters on registration

Join us as a homeowner

As a homeowner or petowner you’ll find that using a house-sitter is a hassle free way of travelling safe with the knowledge that your home, pets and garden are being looking after while you’re away.

Benefits of housesitting for a home and pet owner

Housesitting through a network like Housesitmatch will help to make sure your home is secure with live-in housesitters. And most importantly your pets are well cared for in their own home, this is especially important for young and elderly animals.

Manage pet stress and separation anxiety

Pets keep their routines, and stay where they are familiar. It is a great way to help to reduce pet stress and separation anxiety.

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What’s more by joining a managed network like HouseSitMatch you know that the sitters are checked and reviews are authentic.

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It’s easy to join the HouseSitMatch network.

We are proud sponsors of the Four Paws Cat Rescue 

We are proud sponsors of the YellowDogUK project