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    User: scan11
    Reference: Alba and Mike were wonderful housesitters, they are really lovely people who understand how a homeowner feels leaving pets when going away. They are very helpful and responsible. I highly recommend them as housesitters.
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    Reliable, flexible couple to care for your home and pets

    We’ve used house-sitters ourselves; we know what it’s like to have someone else in our home while we were away: we will be the house-sitters we would want for ourselves.
    * Homeowners: we’ve owned houses in the USA and Canada (currently outside Vancouver, pic below!)
    * Fit for Outdoor Chores: we have over an acre that we mow (gas mower, not ride on), and we have flower & veggie gardens as well as a woodland grove
    * Home repairs: we’ve put in tile and hardwood floors, drywall, fixtures, remodeled bathrooms, kitchens, put in doors, built fences, decks, etc.
    * Experience with animals; we’ve owned horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish
    * Professional Careers: we’ve each owned a business and been management for international companies
    * Parents: we’ve raised three kids, all of whom have university degrees and are self-supporting
    * Involved in Community: variously on school boards, church boards, environmental group board
    * Experienced in various cultures: with travels to 30+ countries between us, and Alba has lived in California, Spain, Peru, and British Columbia (fluent in Spanish & basic German – rudimentary French & Italian)
    * Well-educated: Univ of Calif, Univ of British Columbia, Stanford
    * Have Trusted Traveler ID (allows faster passage through US/Canadian airports/borders)
    * Have had International Driver’s Licenses off & on for decades
    * Technologically savvy (in high tech for 30 years) so we’re easy to contact and stay in contact with!

    We are tidy, responsible, and we’ll be respectful of your home; we have the experience to deal with any surprises that might come up. You want peace of mind to enjoy your trip so of course we’d alert you to anything significant, but small things will just get taken care.

    We love exploring the world: for us that means getting to know an area intimately, not just seeing the postcard highlights on someone else’s schedule. To that end, we’ve driven in more than a dozen countries. We love the independence of ”our own place” whether for a few days or longer. We’ve stayed on farms, in wineries, at a cloister, in a beach hut, a 300 year old house on a canal, etc. around Europe, Latin America and North America

    We’d be pleased to provide our LinkedIn profiles, our SKYPE address, phone numbers, etc. upon request.

    Thank you for taking a look at our profile! – Alba & Mike

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