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    I am a retired French teacher in the process of selling my home of 40 years and moving to France. Before I have permanent home in France, however, I would love to take care of other people’s homes as I learn more about living in Europe. I am not limiting my search to just France as I would love the opportunity to travel and experience different regions and countries with my miniature poodle, CoCo. Having owned my own house, raised a son by myself, and taught adolescents for 30+ years I think I’m prepared for handling just about anything! I speak French and passable Spanish and am able to make myself understood in Italian – ah, those good old Romance Languages. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, gardening, yard work, being outside, reading, writing, walking, hiking, biking. I am in great health.\ as I hope you can see from the adventures recorded in the attached photos – including the skydiving and mountain climbing ones! I promise to keep everything ship shape for you while you are gone. Also, while I do not have a police check, I do have Global Entry privileges which means I have been checked by TSA and NSA and International Customs and have been awarded a trusted traveler status. I am happy to get an FBI check if you require it.

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    France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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    Saving to buy a property, Experience a new area or location

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    Do you have a current National Police Certificate (Aust) and CRB (UK)?


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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Fish, Exotic pets, Pocket pets

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Pool maintenance