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    User: Tiggey
    Reference: David is brilliant. He is caring, he understands dogs (and I\'m sure cats), is a fantastic gardener and the best house sitter we could have asked for. He calls if there is a problem but otherwise just gets on with things. He gave us a great deal of peace of mind knowing that our mum\'s dogs were in very safe hands. We can\'t thank him enough.
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    United Kingdom

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    Easy going, hard working with a love for animals, children and the world at large. Saving up to go travelling around Europe whilst building up experience as an au pair/house/petsitter which will help finances and accommodation. Trained in the performing arts as an actor and singer, I also love to write when the inspiration occurs. Growing up with family who love their pets and have left me in charge of looking after the house more than once during their holidays, I have had a fair amount of experience feeding animals, taking them out and on the odd occasion arrange a medical checkup whilst keeping the house clean and spotless recording any messages and any mail that comes through the door. I started looking after children at summer camps during different creative workshops and as a storyteller making sure they were always safe and had a great time and sorting out any problems they may have had. In my spare time, I was a free lance sitter for a few of my friends for a couple of hours to a couple of days each. I have been raised to understand that when under the roof of another’s property there are rules to follow and as for animals, I always like to make sure that pets can trust and feel comfortable with me as soon as I step through the door. I absolutely love gardening when given the proper tools, when there is good weather and I have some free time to kill with a keen eye for detail and knowing a weed from a plant. To make everyone feel comfortable, you can contact me on skype and we can discuss or just have a good chat face to face.

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