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    Reference: It was good to have Faith and Alan come to look after our two lively pooches Tilly and Jessie and of course our talking cat Millie ,they had been spoily rotten as my vet says Tilly has to loose some weight oh dear no more bisciets Tilly .I was worried about my dogs but I need not have worried as we had regular contact via Skype which was good and I could see both Jess and Tilly where fine . I am glad they had enjoyed visiting Yorkshire too,thanks to two lovely people .
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    Hi we are Faith & Alan, we are currently housesitting in Cyprus with Boika (dog) and Mishka (cat).  We are both 58 and have been together now for over 30 years (that means we get along superbly…lol..) Alan is retired from Canada Post where he worked for the last 30 years and Faith has retired from her position as General Manager of a Community Theatre. We are travelling the world in retirement and have both Canadian and EU citizenship (born in Ireland & the UK). We have spent many years in the UK and Canada and a year in Mexico learning Spanish. We are honest, trustworthy and very experienced and would love to pet sit and look after your home. We are seeking longer term housesits so we get a real opportunity to experience a local community and all it has to offer. We don’t mind housesitting for folks who run B&B’s or small homestay hotels and we have no problem with any kinds of pets or people. We have an independent income and have found that we love to travel and spend long periods of time in other countries. One or 2 weeks is great but even better if we get to spend some quality time. We are happy to sit for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. We miss having pets terribly and find that housesitting is a great way to really enjoy have lots of animals around to love.

    We have house sat in Mexico, Antigua, Canada, Ireland, UK, Spain, Cyprus and Florida and have fantastic references. We have sat in the Caribbean for over 10 years for the same family in an off-grid house so we are accustomed to working with solar power, generators and grey water/cistern systems and pool maintenance. Alan is a great handyman and loves to garden and has spent many hours mowing lawns, weeding and planting. Faith has been in the customer service and event planning business in the past and has a great deal of experience with organizing events, catering and taking care of all types of reservations and bookings. We both are very experienced drivers and have clean licenses and Alan has driven large delivery trucks for Canada Post during his career with them. This means that we are easily insurable on a vehicle in the UK and Ireland with our International license.

    We are animal lovers and have been owned by many cats and dogs from pugs to pitbulls. We have been family to border collies, St. Bernards, Bull Mastiff/Lab, pugs, Gt Pyrenees, a Spitz and many Heinz 57’s, black cats and tortie cats, gingers and some in between. Between us we have been family to over 5 cats and 12 dogs, one horse and numerous guinea pigs, hamsters and the like.

    Alan is also a superb handyman and renovated our Canadian home from top to bottom including plumbing and electrical, so we can take care of any issues that may arise at your home. He has a DM (large truck) and motorcycle license and has driven in the UK and North America extensively. Faith is an ESL qualified teacher and has many years working in the not for profit world developing new revenue streams for community works. We both have a lot of family in the UK and Faith spent 10 years working and living in London.

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