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    I’m Gillian, I’m a reliable, mature, fit, animal loving single lady and I live in Australia. I have 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. I moved to Australia with my parents from the UK when I was 11 and settled in Melbourne. After my children had all grown up and left home I took 2 years out of my professional corporate life and travelled around Australia, some of it with an adorable little Australian terrier ‘Sheena’, returning just before my first grand child was born. I purchased a semi-rural property in the hills just outside Melbourne Victoria and bought a fluffy white Border Collie Blue Healer cross puppy named ‘Lil’ who grew up to be my beautiful loyal, strong, energetic walking companion. I then settled back into my busy corporate life. Lil is now chasing sea gulls in a far away place; I’m retired and looking forward to enjoying my freedom, exploring more of this fabulous country and the wider world and hopefully meeting at lot more furry friends.

    I belong to a number of walking groups and also help out a local pet minding and dog walking service which keeps me fit. Some of my other interests are reading, music, theatre, movies and the occasional extras or acting role which is great fun.

    I have a current police check, am a non-smoker and lead a very healthy life style. I’m neat and tidy and like to keep an orderly clean house.

    I have always had pets, mainly dogs and cats but I’m equally comfortable and relaxed around all animals.

    I am on skype if you’d like to chat.

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    Switzerland, United Kingdom

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    2-3 weeks

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    Experience a new area or location, Love animals and can't have pets where I live now

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    Do you have a current National Police Certificate (Aust) and CRB (UK)?


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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Caged birds, Fish, Pocket pets

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Pool maintenance