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    User: maleslie
    Reference: Hazel is a lovely, kind, responsible and intelligent housesitter...she is totally trustworthy and has a real love of dogs. We hope that she will come back soon.
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    Dumfries and Galloway

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    United Kingdom

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    I have recently retired from a 36 year career in the NHS. I initially trained as a physiotherapist and although I enjoyed clinical work found clinical leadership was more my forte. The post I held for a number years before I retired was that of Director of Allied Health Professions for NHS Dumfries and Galloway.
    I have decided to try house sitting as this should give me the opportunity to see a bit more of the UK (and beyond) whilst saving my pension funds for the more adventurous travel that I enjoy. I have recently returned from my third trip to South America and I have visited many other countries across the world.
    I am very fond of animals but I am afraid that I simply cannot do reptiles of any description!
    I have had dogs and cats of my own in the past but my current lifestyle is not conducive to pet ownership as I am away too much.
    I regularly look after my neighbours’ cats and chickens and also take my nephews’ cocker spaniel on holiday and he has significant behaviour problems.
    I am very fond of walking and have recently learned how to Nordic Walk and will be pursuing this for fitness reasons.
    I am very flexible and would be willing to carry out any reasonable house/pet sitting tasks as long as clear instructions are provided by the home owner.
    I particularly enjoy dog walking and to be honest I really miss this but as I have already said at present it is not practical for me to have pets of my own.
    However, this does mean that I can be a stand in ’mum/auntie/best friend’ for dogs, cats etc. which would work both for me and any pets needing some temporary care.
    I have my own car and enjoy driving so could easily get to any part of the UK. As I have already said I am also used to travelling (USA, China, Vietnam, Europe etc etc) so getting to house sits abroad would not be a problem.
    I can provide references and have a clear police check.
    I am reliable, friendly and capable and hope to find many house sits that will let me provide a good service to home owners allowing them to enjoy their holidays etc. in complete confidence that their homes and pets are being well looked after.

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