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    We are a happy, fun loving couple, Jakki and Pete, who love animals and love to travel. Pete: I’m a retired engineer and I love to keep active. Jakki: I’m an accountant and I work from home and online so we can be very flexible.

    **We are currently looking for a sit for February 2018**

    We have both grown up with and owned dogs and cats but we have come to a time in our lives that pet ownership whilst still extremely desirable is no longer practical.
    We are normal people with one head each! We are kind, caring, trustworthy animal lovers who love the outdoors.
    We own our own home so we know how to look after a house and garden and we will treat your home with the same respect as if it was our own.
    It would be a real pleasure and privilege to care for your animals and your home giving you peace of mind whilst you are away.

    We are animal lovers and home owners and as house sitters we are solely interested in your pets welfare and your homes security, cleanliness and protection.

    We have previously owned our own dogs. Sadly they are no longer with us so we would love the chance both to travel and to look after your furry friends and your home.

    We have done several housesits and we also walk (and cuddle) dogs in our local area as part of borrow my doggy.

    As we have owned pets during our lifetime, we understand the importance of animals in people’s lives and know how to enjoy their company and provide the necessary care.

    We believe, that something unique to us, is that we tend not to go out and leave your house and pets for long periods of time, if at all, unless to go food shopping. It just happens to be our personal preference. So if that is something that appeals to you then please do get in touch.

    We are very flexible and can stay for one week or up to three months; and are willing to consider longer sits if needed

    Being home owners we
    • have an understanding of the value that an owner has on their property
    • can use our life experiences for problem solving and those unexpected events that happen from time to time
    • have house maintenance/gardening skills (minor repairs, lawn mowing, cutting wood, pruning, painting)

    With our business background we:
    • are very organised and reliable
    • have good communication and computer skills
    • understand technology and its use in keeping in touch with owners
    • know how to follow instructions.

    During a housesit we are very happy to post pictures online/ speak on skype/ text you updates and photos for fun and for your peace of mind

    We look forward to hearing from you soon

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