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    User: Anika
    Reference: Friendly, honest and reliable, caring for the pets very well. Good communicatinons
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    United States

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    We live a fulfilling life traveling and housesitting around the world. One of the best things about our lifestyle is taking care of wonderful pets. We always treat them like they were our own.

    We also enjoy gardening and routine home care, as we owned our own home for many years before we retired and began our nomadic lifestyle.

    Because we live around the world 100% of the time, with no fixed plans beyond a few months, it’s very easy to match up our schedule with your needs.

    We have been on the road since July of 2014. So far, we have lived in Italy, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Norway, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, and Thailand, all offering new experiences.

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    3-4 weeks

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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Fish

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Hedge management, Experienced gardener, Pool maintenance