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    We are Roman (28) and Rebecka (25), active fit non-smokers with flexible jobs. We have been together for 3 years after finding each other in the rainy town of Gothenburg, Sweden. While perhaps not sharing a very long history yet, we seem to get each other very well and share many goals in life. Living in Sweden and having easy access to all the wonderful travel destinations in Europe, but also some outside, we have figured out that we love to travel, but also that it’s not worth a lot to go many different places, unless one can truly experience the life there, taking our time to experience the real life in each destination at our own pace.

    Travelling and experiencing new cultures is a big theme in our lives. Partly because of this we have both chosen stable and reliable jobs that we can perform from anywhere in the developed world, as long as we have access to internet and a place to rest and spend our free time together in a homely environment.

    Rebecka works part time for a number of remote clients who value her professionalism in the internet marketing tasks that she performs for them. She also uses her spare time to educate herself remotely, as well as working on establishing her own business. Roman has a long history of working as a software architect, and now manages his own software company. Our attitude in life is that you can achieve great things if you just set your mind to it, and go after what it is you really want. A solid work ethic, a strong and clear outlook on life and a positive view of the world in general have helped us get to where we are today.

    Apart from work we are both into learning more about ourselves, self-development, education and yoga. We usually spend time together doing physical exercises or talking about many kinds of philosophical (but also practical) topics regarding living a happy life, reading books or cooking food.
    We have so far had quite exciting lives, overcoming a lot of interesting challenges, which we love because they all add to our life experience. We are pretty self-reliant and can quickly and easily adjust to new environments and find our way around new neighbourhoods. We love exploring new areas and making new friends.

    We are free of any disorders and/or addictions. We are non-smokers, enjoy sports and share an interest on developing a healthy diet, but can occasionally enjoy almost any type of food.

    We are very outgoing and will occasionally venture into the wild, or simply just sightseeing, taking short drives to nearby attractions or exploring the city area by foot and experiencing the local urban destinations. When visiting a new place, we always take the time to try and experience the local culture, and we are deeply grateful for our friends all over the world who have taken the time to show us authentic life in their countries.

    Needless to say we have no criminal records, no history of substance abuse or other issues with any sudden crisis potential which would be risky to have while taking care of someone else’s property in a foreign country.

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    United States

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    3-6 months

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    Experience a new area or location, Love animals and can't have pets where I live now

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    Do you have a current National Police Certificate (Aust) and CRB (UK)?


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    Employed full-time

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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Rabbits, Caged birds, Fish, Exotic pets, Pocket pets, Horses, Donkeys, Stabled animals, Farm animals

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Hedge management, Experienced gardener, Pool maintenance, Small holding, Farm, Large estate