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    I am a mature single mom travelling with my son. I am ex-military but am now a holistic nutritionist, herbalist and raw food chef. We are looking for house sits where we are either looking after the house with the ability to do some exploring or house and pet sits where we get to have the ability of caring for a pet and looking after the house while we still get to explore a bit.

    We wish to house sit to experience other peoples lifestyles without being a tourist. To explore the area, experience the customs and get a better understanding of how other people live. We also enjoy helping people succeed in their goals.

    We have house sit for other people but they are not with any of the house sitting sites.

    We can bring a open mind, respect, a sense of adventure, consideration, helpfulness and a love of animals. We also have experience with how to maintain a house as I have owned a hobby farm and renovated a hundred year old farm house. I have raised many animals including, pigs, chickens, snakes, gerbils, guinea pigs, lots of cats, dogs and fish.

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    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Jamaica, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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    Experience a new area or location

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    Do you have a current National Police Certificate (Aust) and CRB (UK)?


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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Rabbits, Fish, Stabled animals, Farm animals

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Experienced gardener, Small holding