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    United Kingdom

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    Trustworthy widow aged 65 with car and house/pet sitting experience.
    I am a Londoner born and bred, and have always enjoyed travelling, partly due to having european parents, but mostly because I have the travel bug. My husband and I lived in Sweden for 20 years, but we returned to the UK in 2011 due to my husband’s ill health. I live in Burford, Oxfordshire, but like to get away to experience living in other places. I have been involved in the art world and ran my own art gallery for 6 years. I also work remotely (writing, social media, virtual assistant) and therefore need wifi as a must. I enjoy looking after dogs and cats and making them feel happy whilst their owners are away, as well as experiencing new places in both the UK and Europe. I feel that any pet/house sit I am chosen for benefits both parties.

    As a former homeowner, I am fully aware of what it means to care for a property, and all that that entails. Added to this I have run a bed and breakfast business, and am service-minded and thoughtful. I have had several house and dog sitting assignments, both long and short term. I love gardening and wildlife, am able to maintain and look after the properties I house sit, and am used to living with eco style housing, love to be close to nature as well as enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life discovering the history and culture. I love travelling, socialising and meeting new people, I am CRB checked and have a clean driving licence and my own car. I prefer to have long term house sits, particularly from November to May, either with pets or just looking after a property, but am of course flexible depending on requirements. I am trustworthy, willing to muck in where needed, and have a positive outlook on life.

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    Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

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    Experience a new area or location, Love animals and can't have pets where I live now

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    Do you have a current National Police Certificate (Aust) and CRB (UK)?


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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats

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    Light gardening