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    I am a recently retired police officer (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and an absolute animal lover. I am responsible and dependable, as well as security and safety-minded. I will ensure your pets and home are safe and well taken care of.
    I will treat your pets like my own, giving them love, care and exercise, and I will take care of your home like it is my own. I have owned and renovated several homes in the past, so I am familiar with maintenance and repairs.
    I have a clean personal and work record and have completed a criminal record check (police check) as well. I am a non-smoker and non-drinker, and I am healthy and active. Your pet(s) will get plenty of exercise, if that is what is on order. I have also cared for animals requiring medication and special dietary requirements, and I know the importance of following requirements.
    I have completed many housesits over the last few years and have numerous positive reference letters available. I am also confident you could call these homeowners, if you wish to speak to them personally.
    My interests are reading, writing and photography, so you can expect regular photographs and updates on your pet while you are away!
    I am based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but will travel anywhere my services are needed. I am available for telephone or Skype interviews.
    I can answer any questions you may have.

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