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    User: mephostopholes
    Reference: The animals and house were extremely well cared for and we hope that these hope sitters are available next time we plan a trip.
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    We are a semi-retired couple looking forward to caring for your pets and home while you are away. In our life together, 43 years, we have loved and cared for five dogs and were blessed that they each lived over 11 years as part of our family. We are Internet professionals and can work from anywhere as long as we have an Internet connection. This allows your pets to become familiar and comfortable with us as we are present everyday during the house sit.

    After spending quite a few years living at high altitude while in Colorado, we have learned the value of taking care of ourselves, so daily exercise and eating well is part of our normal routine.

    We really enjoy house and pet sitting having just completed sixty-seven weeks of caring for large and small dogs as well as many different breeds of cats in locations throughout the world. Being on the road for over a year, we have expanded our experience in handling challenges (of the house as well as the pet kind) in many countries far from the borders of home. From short to long term, we are very interested in meeting you and your pets and caring for what matters to you most.

    Why we want to house sit

    We love to experience what is special about each place where we house and pet sit whether it is shopping at local farmer and flea markets, letting the vendors practice their English; meeting the friends and neighbors of the homeowners who become our neighbors and acquaintances for the time we stay in each city, town or village.

    What we bring to the assignment / relevant experience

    We are formally trained and certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR. We have lived and maintained homes in a variety of climates, from the snow of Colorado to the heat of Florida and internationally in Uruguay. Having lived in so many places, we understand the apprehension of allowing someone unfamiliar to live in your home while you travel and we will respect and care for your home as if it is our own. We are also computer savvy, using technology, such as Skype video calls, Apple Face Time, emails and regular phone calls, to keep the homeowners updated while they are away if they desire. 

    We are semi-retired professionals who use our homeowner experience and acquired organizational skills to provide the homeowner with detailed checklists for preparing your home for the house sitters prior to your leaving. We provide authorization forms for veterinarian care while your pet is in our care and an authorization form to show we are the house sitters you have selected to be in your home, taking care of your pets. We look forward to each new and exciting experience that house and pet sitting offers us and hope to meet you and your pets very soon.

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    Australia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden

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    Domestic dogs, Domestic cats, Caged birds

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    Light gardening, Lawn care, Vegetable patch, Pool maintenance