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Learn more about how housesitters can help with chores around the house while you are away

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Our Housesit Match e-Newsletter is a free weekly issue sent by email, which gives you an update on latest housesits from across the world, our latest blogs, competitions and special offers.
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Our newsletter offers useful advice for keeping things nice, ad a whole selection of featured housesits.

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Therefore subscribing for our free weekly newsletter is as two step process:
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If you are interested to see our featured housesitting assignments and want to learn more about our community then read our newsletter.

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We love sharing our latest news, exciting new housesits, our latest affordable travel, pet and housesitting themed blogs written by members of our community with you.
Whether you are curious about our range of exciting housesits and petsits, or as a home and pet owner you want to learn more about our community subscribe today it’s easy!
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