Pet Sitting and House Sitting FAQs

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Pet Sitting House Sitting FAQs

We are regularly asked for more information about House Sitting and Petsitting especially House sitting FAQs.

We already have a comprehensive general FAQs page to cover your general questions about our house sitting and pet sitting network, but have also collated a further page with some of our most popular questions.

Popular House Sitting FAQs

pet owners interviewing a pet sitter with house sitting FAQs
Always ask questions to learn more about the house and pet sitting assignment and also about the housesitter.

What is the best way to learn about house sitting?

It is good to discuss your house sitting FAQs with anyone who might be able to help. Joining a house sitting platform can be very helpful when you are starting out.

Join a housesitting and petsitting platform like HouseSit Match

What are the advantages of joining a housesitting platform

– We’re a friendly network; here to help. Contact us via Livechat, WhatsApp, Social media or Email
– Our main office is in High Wycombe, UK. Yet we operate virtually across the globe
– We can guide you through your first profile, and your first housesit
– We have guidelines, top tips and templates to help set you on your course
– Our data is stored in the UK, where we understand and abide by the data regulations

Pets love house sitters caring for them at home

calm cat behaviour
How can pets benefit? Koko’s pet owner has moved home but always asks housesitters to care for her at home to keep constancy in her life

A question we are frequently asked is – how do pet benefit from house sitting? Pets often have a great deal to gain from having live in pet sitters.

Do you have pets? If so then you will find that you need pet minding services when you travel away from home. Caring for pets in their own home can help them feel more at home and less stressed when you travel and leave them at home.

Why join a housesitting network as a pet owner?

If you think you need trusted house sitters and petsitters to care for your property and pets then look no further. If you join HouseSit Match we offer you access to checked sitters who will come to your home to care for your property and your beloved pets.

On our housesitting network we use the term pet owner meaning someone who has a pet or more than one pet for which they need pet sitters. We also offer you a range of pet parenting guides to help you if you are a new petowner. Housesit Match can help you manage your responsibilities as a pet owner with ease.

Benefits for home and pet owners

  •  Meet checked experienced pet lovers to care for your family pets in their own home
  • Find checked housesitters to keep your property safe. We operate all over the world
  • We use the term ‘checked’ because we use several professional international identity verification services to ensure we are presenting real and bone fide sitters for you to choose from- Our sitters care for your property while you are away e.g. pet care, garden care
  • Our housesitters do not charge. No money changes hands. This is an exchange of services to help each other for Free!

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