Police Check for Housesitting

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ID & Police Check for Housesitting – for Online Security

Today we are all mindful of the need to manage our reputation as good citizens, ID & Police check for housesitting is part of the trust building process. This is especially important in our online activities. When you try to find pet house sitters it is important that you have confidence in the people you are collaborating with. 

Housesitting in particular requires an extra sense of caution whether we are acting as a housesitter or a homeowner.

How we manage security at HouseSit Match

At HouseSit Match we want to take away some of that worry for you and have therefore built ID and Police checks for housesitting, into our registration and profile building processes to normalise these key steps.

Members of HouseSit Match are asked to run through our ID checks so we can verify your identity. To start with we undergo ID Checks on all our members, without revealing their identities to anyone else.

ID Verification is Important

At HouseSit Match we ID check all members on registration to verify their identity through our partner MITEK, this helps us to ensure their membership is a partnership based on truth. This simple but essential process gives us all a sense of preparedness and safety. There is no extra cost to the member, it is included in the price of each plan.


Police and Background Checking Online

To help housesitters optimise their chances of securing good sits we also offer an online background and police checking service from our partner VERIFILE.

Verifile provides UK national and international identity verification as well as criminal history and background checking reports in order to guarantee that users are who they claim to be.

Our partner Verifile offers HouseSit Match a data-driven platform that helps build trust in our processes, and in general into use of the sharing economy by providing automated identity, financial, criminal and other checks.

Verifile is a reputable and established provider of criminal and background checks for many types of public and private organisations and businesses in the UK and across the world.  They ensure that we can provide police checks before hiring a house sitter no matter where the sitter happens to be in the world. 

Their service can offer background checking in most countries across the world. Once you are a member of HouseSit Match you will be able to manage your own verification through your profile and will be in charge of your regular updates to ensure you don’t miss out on any housesits.

Criminal and background check for the UK

• Cost: £33 (UK only)

  • Names, address and date of birth against a range of databases
  • Identification Document validity. (Passport, Driver’s Licence etc.)
  • Stolen Identity Database.
  • Criminal Record police database for all unspent convictions for the last 5 years.

Checks can take between 7-14 working days.

Trust (Criminal and background check) Package

• Cost: variable on application 

  • Names, address and date of birth against a range of databases.
  • Identification Document validity. (Passport, Driver’s Licence etc.)
  •  Stolen Identity Database.
  •  Criminal Record police database for all unspent convictions for the last 5 years.

Police check for housesitting can take up to 10-14 days.

While we ID check all members for Free, we ask for collaboration with housesitters on securing their own Police check for housesitting via, we will not reveal real names or contact details or locations via the website, for security reasons.  It is up to members to connect and share enough information to manage their housesitting arrangements.

Verified members

Verified members will display this tick against their profile. Make sure once registered you keep your ID & Police check for housesitting up to date via your My Profile > Verification page.

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