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HouseSit Match Testimonials

Before buying any service or product online today it is always advisable to check out the reviews and testimonials both on the site and published on external sites. At Housesit Match we encourage our members to write reviews online to describe their experience of working with us. Please take a moment to review all our testimonials via Trustpilot and other review platforms.

Read our latest Housesit Match testimonials



What should you look for in our testimonials

At Housesit Match we choose to publish our testimonials on a website called Trustpilot an independent company. We do this because we believe it underlines our accountability as a service provider. Like many online businesses we are firm believers that a company should share their customer reviews to help build and maintain their reputation online and a trust in our service

We value and want to evolve the service we offer clients and we are proud to share what customers have said about us. Housesit Match is happy to be held to account for the service we offer by helping members and we’re keen to be seen as transparent regarding customer reviews and testimonials.  More testimonials are published on our Homepage.

So what should you look for in our reviews and testimonials?

  • A real point of view
  • Genuine opinion
  • Veritable customer experience.

Read our client reviews

We use the independent review site Trustpilot, to authenticate and publish all our member reviews. We are proud to have maintained a 5 Star  4.9 / 5.0 rating over the last few years. Please feel free to read what our clients have written about their experiences of using HouseSitMatch.

And id you are testimonials on a website for us at Housesitmatch or your matched partner think to use words that reflect your experience and a fair communication.

Our service philosophy and hospitality mindset visible in our testimonials

We hope that when read read through our client messages and reviews you will see our ‘service philosophy and hospitality mindset’ in action. We ask members wherever they are, whether house sitters or pet owner homeowners to help each other. Our goal as a a business is to facilitate an exchange of services between house sitting matched partners. We want you to help each other and we are here to help.

We operate a one fault policy. If housesitters are reported to fail to turn up for unstated reasons, or there is a series of misunderstandings between both parties on a frequent basis we investigate. At HouseSitMatch we want the very best experience for all parties and help you to prepare ahead of each housesit –

  • In depth ID verification checking for all members – We keep the site safe by checking everyone on registration.
  • How to guides for house sitting and pet sitting – Documents and guideline blogs are available for all active members to read and use
  • Briefing templates – We have prepared a whole series of useful documents to ensure homeowners prepare detailed information and housesitters read and absorb this information.
  • Livechat we offer a means of communication with our administration should you need support

Before joining our house sitting website …

If you are thinking of joining as a homeowner and petowner read some of the customer messages our Truspilot. Click the link in our window below.

In addition, we offer a summary of homeowner and petowner benefits, to read these please CLICK HERE.

If you are considering joining as a housesitter and petsitter you may find it useful to read our customer messages. Check out the client testimonials on our Truspilot page, there is a link in our window below. In addition, we offer a summary of housesitter and petsitter benefits, to read these please CLICK HERE.

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