What is in home pet sitting?

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What is in home pet sitting?

what is a housesit
Live in house sitters petsitters give homeowners peace of mind

What is in-home pet sitting? It is a combination of home sitting and pet sitting.

Home sitting

Home sitting is the equivalent of house sitting when a sitter is brought into the home as a live in house sitter to care for the property. Many homeowners invite in housesitters to move in and look after their home, keeping it secure while they are away.

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is the equivalent of pet minding. This is when sitters are asked to look after the pets in a home. Often they are invited to move in as live in house and pet sitters.

Petsitters  enable pet owners to travel away with peace of mind

Pet sitting involves a petsitting agreement between a pet sitter and a home owner/pet owner. The agreement is a collaboration. It is based on a request for pet sitters to temporarily care for a home and pets whilst the owners are away. While the petowners are away the sitters will care for the animals, feeding, cleaning them and exercising if asked.

Live in home and pet sitting

Usually, if there are dogs and cats involved the involvement of the pet sitters is quiet significant. They are usually live in home and pet sitters and they stay for an agreed housesit assignment and period of time. If you are hiring professional pet sitters to care for your home and pets while you are away it can become quite expensive. Consider the fact that you might go away from home for 4 weeks a year on average. They pet sitting charges per day, per pet soon add up to quite a bill per year.

So if you are hiring pet sitters consider a more affordable way.  Join a pet sitting and housesitting website and build a homeowner pet owner profile. Once you have done that, and gone through the ID checks you can post a housesit advert to find live in home and pet sitters to help you out.

With a good housesitting website like Housesitmatch.com there will be support for how to advertise a pet sitting assignment online.

They will housesit and pet sit for free, in exchange for rent free living in your home. They also take care of the property and garden as well as looking after the pets.

Pet minding on a housesit

Some pets can get stressed and/or anxious moving into temporary accommodation (i.e., catteries and kennels), and cannot be cared for by friends of family members.  It can also be very expensive to find professional pet sitters to care for your animals in your absence, which is where trusted and free in-house pet sitting comes in! Here at HouseSit Match, we help match pet owners with pet sitters to find the perfect, free, in-house pet sitting arrangement.

With in-house pet sitting, you can find someone who can step in and care for your pets whilst you are away.  HouseSit Match offers a safe and secure environment to meet animal-loving pet sitters who can provide the care and attention that your pets deserve whilst you are away from home.  These pet sitters can also maintain your home in your absence too, helping to reduce your stress and worry whilst you are travelling (for work or leisure).

All house sitters/pet sitters undergo identity checks and background checks in order to become a member of the site.  However, we also recommend that you speak to all potential pet sitting applicants personally in order to ensure that you find the perfect pet sitter to take care of your pets whilst you are away.

what is in home pet sitting?

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.

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