What is pet sitting?

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What is pet sitting?

Pet sitting is a temporary way of managing the care of your pets when you are not there. It could be a petsitter or a housesitter who is petsitting for you. It depends on the pet sit brief.

You may have considered home pet sitting too if you need someone to care for your home at the same time. This is when you ask a housesitter or petsitter to step in to your home and look after the property and the pets.

cat minding
Help the pet sitter meet their charges ahead of your departure

If you have cats or dogs (or both!) or perhaps other pets at home, it may not be better to keep them at home. Sometimes it is not appropriate to house them temporarily in a kennels or cattery or with friends or family while you are away.  Using a housesitting and pet sitting website is a viable boarding kennel alternative.

But what is pet sitting?

In-home pet care providing in home pet sitting is a real solution. What is more it can be very affordable.  Here at HouseSit Match, we help match pet owners with pet sitters to find the perfect, free, in-house pet sitting arrangement.

You may need a variety of pet care skills for pet sitting. Perhaps you need a combination of dog sitter, cat sitter, rabbit sitter, bird sitter and even a guinea pig sitter experience. Many pet minders have experience with a wide range of family pets. And if you can learn about their experience and reviews through a housesitting website you can select the most trusted house sitters.

Why is pet sitting important with live in pet sitter – The advantages

There are a number of advantages to keeping your pets at home when you are on holiday. Here a few that might be important to note for you when you keep pets at home:

The benefits

  1. Your pets feel comfortable in their own home.
  2. They are surrounded by familiar items, smells and toys which will help to minimise stress in your temporary absence. Some pets are more prone to stress induced by separation anxiety, particularly if they are nervous or uncomfortable in kennel-type accommodation.
  3. Having a live in home pet sitter means they still get personal attention, and the minder can care for multiple pets at the same time.
  4. With in-house pet sitting, you can find someone who can step in and care for your furry, finned or feathered friends whilst you are away.
  5. Choosing a live in petsitter from a housesitting website means they can get to know the pets before you leave.
Keeping pets entertained and cared for at home is a safe option

How do I find a pet sitter?

In your search for the ideal petsitter, first make a list of the important attributes you are looking for. Then start your search online. It is a good way to begin and review what is available in terms of options. If you are keen on kennel alternatives and cattery alternatives then consider joining a pet sitting and housesitting website.

Check out HouseSit Match

HouseSit Match is a housesitting and pet sitting website. It offers a safe and secure environment to meet animal-loving pet sitters who can provide the care and attention that your pets deserve whilst you are away from home.  These pet sitters can also maintain your home in your absence too, helping to reduce your stress and worry whilst you are travelling (for work or leisure).

You can also do some research and reading. For example, check out this blog written by a pet owner on How to find a great pet sitter.


Want to learn what is pet sitting as a pet sitter?

If you are looking to learn more about what is pet sitting from the point of view of a pet sitter, then you might need slightly more specific information about your role and responsibilities.

What are the duties of a house and petsitter?

Petsitter responsibilities usually comprise the care and management of both pets and property while the owner is away from home.

Regarding the pet minding

  • Feeding and exercise for the pets
  • Ensuring the pets routine is maintained
  • making sure the pets are well cared for and out of harms way.

Regarding housesitting

  • Keeping the home in a clean and orderly state
  • Looking after the garden if asked to – watering plants, cutting the grass
  • Making sure the home is kept safe and secure in the owners absence.


Interested in learning more general information about what is pet sitting

If you are reading this page wanting to learn what is a pet sitter because you want to be a sitter and are not sure where to start, dig a little deeper.

Here are several articles to help you learn what is pet sitting, which can help you to get started:

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  3. Pet sitting and house sitting FAQs
What is pet sitting? Two dogs in the picture show it's usually about care for the pets
What is pet sitting? It is almost always about inhome pet sitting for your pets

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage

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