Where can I find a house sitter?

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As a homeowner and a petowner from time time you may need to leave home and need a house sitter. House sitters or house minders can be very very helpful. They help to keep your home safe from intruders or opportunistic burglars simply by being present. As a live in pet sitter and house sitter and they can also look after any pets you have in the home. But you may well be asking yourself ‘where can I find a house sitter?’ Read on to find out more about how to search and secure your ideal housesitter.

Where can I find a house sitter?

What is housesitting
Alex dogsitting Daisy and Amber

So you well may ask ‘where can I find a house sitter?’ You have a number of options naturally.

Join a housesitting website

First you could try finding a safe and reliable house sitting website. HousesitMatch.com is one such website where you can find trusted housesitters. Another popular site is Luxury Housesitting, or Mind A Home.

Short term or long term housesitting

Depending on whether or not you need live in house and pet sitters for short term or long term housesitting consider what you need. Do you need a dogsitter or a catsitter? Or do you have other pets in combination living on your property. Whether you are finding a housesitter for cats or you need petsitting for a number of animals write down what your housesitter brief would be. Having sitters live in your home to look after the pets in their own space can reduce separation anxiety. Plus it is often far less expensive, especially if you are planning long term housesitting.

dogsitters near me
A house sitter provides a great alternative to kennels

Kennel alternative

Sometimes a live in dog and housesitter is the best option. It is also a great kennel alternative. If you need a sitter for dogsitting then prepare some thoughts on the specific dog minding you need to find.

Finding a sitter is often considered the affordable alternative to dog kennels. The will live in as pet sitters, they care for your home and pets. Moreover, if you find the right pet sitting and house sitting website the sitters wont charge you.

Rent free living in exchange for live in home and pet care

These house and pet sitters exchange their services for free accommodation, in order to live rent free! It is a fair exchange between two parties. They join a house sitting website offering up and describing their experience in home and pet care.

To answer your question – Where can I find a house sitter?

House sitter directories

If you need reliable house sitters, you can search in our directory for your HouseSit Match.  HouseSit Match is a house sitting website and was established in 2013. Since then it has helped thousands of home and pet owners to find trusted individuals to care for their properties and pets whilst they are away from home.  For trusted house sitters (both long-term and short-term) view our listings. In this directory they are presented in order of recency of registration. Before preparing an advert for ‘house sitters required’ scan our listings you’ll find sitters to care for different pets and types of property.

Listings of checked sitters

All our house sitters and pet sitters undergo identify verification and background checks, and we strongly recommend that home owners speak directly with potential candidates in order to find their perfect match!

If you would like to register as a home owner to search for your perfect house/pet sitter, why not register with HouseSit Match today? Start the process and find your perfect match, so that you can reduce worry and stress whilst you are temporarily absent from your home as you travel for work or leisure.

where can I find a house sitter
Search online to start with for good checked sitters

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage, or you can begin the registration process straightaway here.

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