Where to find pet sitting jobs

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Where to find pet sitting jobs?

Where to find pet sitting jobs? HouseSit Match is a safe house sitting website where you can secure trusted house sitting jobs. Using this platform gives house sitters and pet sitters the opportunity to find temporary and free placements to care for homes and pets in the owner’s absence. It’s a great way to find pet sitting jobs.

find petsitting jobs
Going online is a great way to find petsitting jobs

Petsitting and housesitting exchange of services

Petsitting and housesitting through a dedicated petsitting and housesitting website is a safe way to get started. It is a good way to start to find pet sitting jobs.

In order to view the range of housesit opportunities available, you need to register as a petsitter or housesitter. You will also need to select the appropriate membership level for you (either our standard or premium service level).  Once approved, you can then search the house sitting vacancies to find the right opportunity for you.

This gives you the chance to look for specific locations, short- or long-term house sitting or pet sitting jobs, and pet sitting assignments for different animals.

On the Housesitmatch.com platform you will register with us as a House and/or Pet Sitter. Then you will complete our ID Checking and you will be offered the opportunity to update your police and background check.

Housesitter background check

The two combined make a great housesitter background check.  Most pet owners will choose a sitter with background checks if they are unknown.

Petsitters Please Note –

In the absence of a personal recommendation, or client reviews the housesitter background check is vital to win confidence.

Build a great petsitter profile to find pet sitting jobs

Build a great petsitter profile to add huge value to your application. Explain your petsitting experience in detail.

Once your profile is created, and you’ve added profile text about you as a petsitter and housesitter, apply. Make sure you have added as many photos as possible of you with pets you have cared for. You should also note some homes you have looked after. If there is a chance to add a profile housesitter video you’ll find it really helps to get noticed.

You will stand out for the effort you have made to present yourself and your skills when you find pet sitting jobs. Petowners love to watch these videos because they help them get to know you before they have even spoken to you.

pet lover
Rabbit sitters for young pets gives peace of mind – register with HouseSitMatch to find pet sitting jobs

For you ideal pet sitter jobs could be anything from rabbit sitting for a single bunny, to dog sitting for multiple large dogs.  And whether your main petsitting experience is cat sitting or as a live in dog sitter describe what you have done. It will also help the pet owner know what you are comfortable doing.

They may then ask you if you are ok trying bird sitting for some chickens, and they may offer to show you how if you come a day or so early for job.  If you have specialist experience such as exotic bird siting mention it. Some pet owners prefer those with specific experience. Not all petsitters are happy caring for unusual animals like lizards or snakes so do mention that too.

Free pet sitters or paid

It is important that you consider whether you are gong to charge for your services or not. If you are then you need to set up as a professional pet sitter. If not then you will do well on housesitting websites like HouseSitMatch.com.

Trusted house sitter who loves pets will secure great petsits

dog sitter on the grass with a labrador
You can find pet sitter jobs as a registered member of a house and pet sitting website

With your profile as ready as it can be, make your online application. Complete the form by providing as much relevant information as possible so the pet owner knows your skills and understands that you are a trusted pet and house sitter and suitable for this assignment.

The ideal petsitter

Present yourself as the ideal petsitter. Doubtless as as petsitter you love animals and particularly domestic pets. So tell the petowner why and how you love animals. Also don’t forget to tell them how important it is for a petsitter to care for the animals in their charge. Underline the fact that you know this and will respect their wishes.

A final note on how to find petsitting jobs

So, if you are looking for a pet sitting opportunity – a placement where no money exchanges hands, but you have the chance to stay in a new location rent-free for a pre-specified period of time, whilst caring for the owner’s animals – then a petsitting and housesitting website like HouseSit Match can help!

If you are new to petsitting then do some research for example with the beginner’s guide to petsitting.

Register today and start your pet sitting journey with us.

where to find pet sitting jobs

To find out more information for a pet sitter, about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage.

Alternatively, to find pet sitting jobs begin the registration process as a house and pet sitter straightaway here.

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