Why Hire a House Sitter?

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If you are a homeowner and you are planning a trip away and leaving your home empty, think again. If your property is going to remain empty it will be vulnerable to opportunists and burglars. And if you have pets, you may want them to stay at home in order to remain as stress free as possible while you are away.

These are all good reasons to hire a house sitter. For a more detailed look at the viable reasons and affordable  alternatives read on.

Why hire a house sitter?

why hire a housesitter
An empty and isolated home without lights on is vulnerable, prone to opportunists and burglars

What is a house sitter?

First of all a house sitter is someone who will move into your home to care for your property. They do this by arrangement with yourself for a temporary period. Usually you invite them in as holiday house sitters or to cover an absence for a work trip. Sometimes the housesitting they do includes the care of your pets.

Why hire a house sitter?

If you are travelling and are concerned about leaving your property unattended for a period of time then hire a house sitter. Or if you have pets and prefer a kennel alternative or cattery alternative consider having a trusted housesitter.  These live in housesitters move into your home and look after your pets and property.

You choose the sitter you want, and brief them to do exactly what you want to maintain your pet’s routines and home maintenance. You determine what you want done on your housesit.

Dog walking is an essential task on a dog sit

What is a housesit and petsit?

What is a housesit? A housesit is a temporary arrangement between a homeowner and a housesitter. The housesitter moves into the home to care for any pets and the property. This is very useful to keep your home and pets safe in your absence.

It can provide great peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of, helping you relax and enjoy your break – be it for work or leisure – for the duration of your travels.

Hire a housesitter or pet sitter

If you were to work with a professional house or pet sitter through an agency, the cost could be quite high. Often the costs for a professional housesitter or pet sitter are counted by the day, sometimes by the pet and even by the action / task required. Hiring professional sitters to care for your home and your pets during your temporary absence from your property can add up in terms of costs.

why hire a house sitter
Housesitters keep a property tidy in your absence, inside and out

Housesitters maintain the property while you are away

Another reason ‘why hire a house sitter’ is an idea to consider, is they are a great addition to your home in your absence is home maintenance. They can keep the garden tidy and monitor for any changes. More especially should there be any extreme weather conditions they can help to manage the situation for you.

Petsitting keeps pets at home

You may have a whole host of pets at home and need a combination of bird sitting, rabbit or guinea pig sitting or sitting for exotic pets! However, the most common pet engagements are for dog sitters and catsitters.

The dog sit –

dog sitting to attention
Hire a pet sitter to care for and entertain your dog while you are away

A dog sit needs house sitters who love dogs. If you have dogs you may need housesitters to dog sit for you. These are housesitters who are happy to care for dogs, sometimes small and sometimes very large. Housesitters sometimes work in pairs especially if there are several dogs to be cared for.

local catsitters
One advantage of cat sitters is to have expert care in your home

The cat sit –

And if you have a cat or multiple felines you will need petsitters who love cats. You might want to find local catsitters to catsit for you. Or you might be happy searching on line for suitably experienced sitters, to hire a house sitter or an alternative affordable solution.

Free housesitters and petsitters through a house sitting website

By comparison using a professionally run house sitting website like Housesitmatch.com becomes an affordable option. For a small annual fee you can register, go through the checking protocols and post an advert with your dates for when you need sitters.

Housesitter background check

For the security of all involved we also insist on sitters going through our housesitters background check. The verification displays on the sitters profile for you to review during your selection.  When housesitters apply for your housesit you can also view their full profile and their housesitter reviews.

This will give you insights into how they perform and how others see them and experience them as housesitters.

why hire a house sitter
The presence of house sitters will deter burglars

The perfect housesitter

If you would like to find the perfect house sitter for your needs (all our members have undergone identify verification and background checks), why not register with HouseSit Match today? You can then register your house sit opportunity. When housesitters apply you have the chance to speak directly with applicants to find your perfect house sit match!

A final word on why you should hire a house sitter?

Why should you hire a house sitter? A housesitter is someone you can trust to care for your home and pets while you are away. They will take a brief on how you want your home and pets cared for. Sometimes pets are anxious, very young or very old. These are all good reasons for keeping pets safely at home with pet care while you are away.


Why hire a house sitter?

To find out more about House Sitting and Pet Sitting with HouseSit Match, visit our ‘About Us’ webpage.

Or you can begin the registration process as as home and pet owner to hire a house sitter straightaway here.

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