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A trusted network for house sitters, pet sitters, house owners and pet owners

Our dedicated Free live-in house sitters ensure pets stay safe and happy at home, granting owners peace of mind while they travel.

Enjoy the added benefit of cost-free stays for house sitters with our trusted house sitting services, whether you’re in the UK or overseas.

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Embarking on a journey and need reliable care for your pets at home? Housesit Match considered one of the best housesitting websites provides affordable travel solutions for pet and homeowners seeking trusted pet minders. 

Whether you’re in search of dog sitters, cat sitters, or any other pet sitters, our trusted network connects you with caring individuals who offer their services without charging for travel or care. A budget-friendly option for frequent travelers and the cost-conscious!

Experience House Sitting and Pet Sitting with one of the Best House sitting Websites

If you love animals and have experience in property care, explore house sitting and pet sitting opportunities with us. Join our network as one of our house sitters for a collaborative and enjoyable experience in pet care within a secure home environment. 

The best part? As a house sitter, you won’t spend a dime on accommodation during your assignment. This affordable travel option is perfect for pet lovers who enjoy exploring new places, and we don’t limit the number of applications for each house sit, giving homeowners the freedom to choose from a pool of applicants at once.

Premium House-Sits Across the World

House-sitters Across the World

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Benefits for Home & Pet Owners

Benefits for House & Pet Sitters

We help home & pet owners with finding trusted sitters

Need checked and reliable house sitters & pet sitters?

We can help find house sitters for free home & pet care
Sitter offers pet & home help giving peace of mind

Housesitters & Petsitters

We guarantee home security

✔️ Housesitters will keep your home secure
✔️ Your contact information are kept private
✔️We offer sitter ID Police Checks on joining

We help house sitters & pet sitters with finding sitting jobs

Exchange home pet care for free accommodation

Benefit from affordable travel around the world
Get verified build reviews & a good reputation

trusted housesitters

ID Police checks for all sitters

✔️ Home owners prefer verified house sitters
✔️ Contact information is always hidden for security
✔️ Members receive free ID checks on joining

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What our members have to say about us…

Housesitters & Petsitters – Hedda

I have used Housesitmatch four times already this year as a housesitter, and I must say it works like a dream! In less than a year I’ve looked after four dogs and three cats offering my pet sitting services in exchange for a place to stay free of charge. It’s so easy that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this site. It’s an absolute godsend to anyone who has to travel and leave their pets in good hands. Every year there are more housesits to choose from and if you love animals and love discovering new countries then what better way is there to travel. Plus you expand your network of lovely people and friends around the world while you are house and petsitting. I am so glad I connected with them!

~ Hedda, SPAIN ~ House & Pet Sitters

dogsitters and catsitters
Housesitters & Petsitters

Housesitters & Petsitters

This is how HouseSit Match excels at communication. A member of the HouseSit Match team calls all new homeowner subscribers to help with on-boarding and share tips for building a compelling profile as well. What impressed us was the Live Chat available on the site. Lamia personally helped us to communicate with homeowners anytime we needed. She acted as a liaison to help us land our favourite house sitting assignment so far!

~ Expat Experiment, Canada ~ House & Pet Sitters

Housesitters & Petsitters

My first housesit came through HouseSitMatch, I had tried through two other more established websites for about 6 months. The team at HouseSitMatch helped me personally, making suggestions on how I might improve my profile for any dog sitting or cat sitting, what experience to share with other members. Really helpful! Now I housesit around the world for 8 months of the year, largely thanks to HouseSitMatch!

~ Bravo Reykjavik, Iceland ~ House & Pet sitter

Housesitters & Petsitters
Housesit 7-21 June

Home owners & Pet owners

I have used HouseSit Match three times now and the service is excellent. The house-sitter they found for us was very good, all the animals were very well looked after. We were a little apprehensive about leaving our house and animals in a stranger’s care, but after meeting the house-sitter and spending a day with her, we were happy to leave her in full charge. I would be happy to recommend HouseSit Match to anybody and will continue to use them.

~ Macculloch, Granada, Spain ~ Home & Pet owner

Home owners & Pet owners

I couldn’t ask for better attention to our house sit requirements! Lamia is always in touch as soon as possible with helpful hints and fantastic friendly attention! I would recommend this site to all my friends!

~ Nichos, Melbourne, Australia ~ Home owner & Pet owner

dogsitters and catsitters

Home owners & Pet owners

I am delighted by the service offered by HouseSit Match: I have now found two wonderful, trustworthy and reliable Housesitters & Petsitters by placing ads on the website. It’s easy, clear and thoughtfully designed: I feel confident that I can reach out to people who can help me with cat sits when I need cat sitters, by looking after my home and pet, and it’s a great feeling to enable people to visit our part of the world

~ Maura Dutton, United Kingdom~ Home & Cat owner

Housesitters & Petsitters

I have found a number of housesitting opportunities through HousesitMatch. The last one helped me stay in London last Summer for some fantastic people, a lovely house owner and her family away on holiday. The process through the site was straightforward, well thought out and allowed for us to sort everything out ahead of  house sitting in London in detail. I loved sitting in London. I’ve done dog sitting, guinea pig sitting and rabbit sitting, all really fun. What’s more, this sitting website saved me a lot of money instead of paying for an AirBnB.  I like doing a bit of house and pet sitting, it feels like a good barter. Very happy and would recommend.

~ Alex, United Kingdom ~ Housesitter & pet sitter

dogsitters and catsitters
house sitters

Home owners & Pet owners

Working in a big city can be great but it can also be a challenge. As a musician my life is mainly in the city with my dog Boris. But I travel for work and regularly need a dog sitter in London who can step in to care for him when I’m gone.  I recently discovered house sitting as a way to hook up with the right people to care for him. I’ve found house sitters UK, US, Canadian and Australian who have all come to help out – It’s been a life saver really. Met some great people too.

~ M. Kirchner, London UK~ Home owner & Dog owner

Housesitters & Petsitters

As a part time dog sitter London based for my work I try to stay local. And while it’s easy for me to stay house sitting in London, since discovering House sit match I have managed to exchange my experience as a dog sitter and doing cat sits in places further afield. Listed as one of the housesitters UK based, I really loved house sitting in Spain and house and pet sitting in France! Such a great way to see the world on a budget. A small but good sitting website. Love it!

~ Rebecca, London ~ Housesitter & pet sitter

house sitters

House sitters & Petsitters

We’re a retired American couple and really enjoy traveling around the world by house sitting. We’re making great friends all over, and because we’re happy to be house and pet sitting like old fashioned property guardians but we don’t charge. It’s a pleasure for us to discover new cities and countries while we love the pets. We really love the pets whether it’s a cat pet dog or anything else. We lov’em all. Sitting in London is a great way to learn about the capital city, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. We love house sitting in America, but house sitting in London is our favourite, there’s so much to see and do in one city. Good sitting site. Best membership we have.

~ Bob and Rita, Florida USA~ House sitters & pet sitters

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