Bird Sitting

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Bird sitting is the temporary care of domesticated birds in the home. Today there are a number of options for bird owners to care for their pets when they travel away from home on holiday. Here we explain some of the common traits and experiences in bird sitting for bird sitters and bird owners. At we can offer sitters with bird care experience.

Bird sitting
Parrots perched at home

The most popular birds kept as domesticated pets include: Cockatiels, Budgerigars, African Grey Parrots, Quaker parrots, Caiques, Conures, Finches, Canaries, Chickens and Ducks. Many are loved for their birdsong, some for their personalities, and some for their ability to mimic human voices.

Most birds are intelligent active animals who’s needs must be identified and addressed.

When bird sitting, it is especially important for the sitter to be well briefed as to the needs of the birds, their routines and feeding protocols.

Bird sitting services

Pet sitting for birds is another way of offering bird sitting services, which include feeding, cage cleaning and hand feeding if required.

parrot sitting
Some African Greys make bird sitting entertaining

Some house sitters are also bird sitters and will follow your brief to care for your pets while living in your home and caring for your property.

It is often best to have the sitters living in to ensure a watchful eye on your pets giving you peace of mind.

Some pet owners prefer to allow their birds to roam free in the home for a period of time each day.

Sitters must be well briefed on how often and long each of these free roaming sessions should take place and where in the home or on the property.


Bird minding services
Hand feeding budgies

Briefing bird sitters on feeding routines

Foods and feeding routines can vary generally between different sizes of birds, and somewhat between the domesticated and exotic bird species.

In general, birds follow a very similar diet plan to humans, with a requirement of 50% grains, and 45% fruit and vegetable matter. Bird sitters will need guidance on the specific variations of feeding routines.

If there are a large number of birds in an aviary, with varied species then it is very important to leave detailed information regarding the foods, frequency of feeding and cleaning required.

bird sitting services
Cockatiel roams free at home

Bird minding

Bird minding is an alternative term for bird sitting or petsitting for birds, where a sitter is requested to care for the pets for a temporary period of time in the owner’s absence.

Different birds will require varying levels of care. Some birds are easy maintenance and need feeding, fresh water and a change of tray paper periodically.

Other birds need more involved care with specific feeding and free roaming routines, supervised by the sitter. Sometimes hand feeding is required for particular birds needing specific nourishment.

A clear brief is recommended to ensure there is clarity in the instructions for the sitter bird minding.

Petsitting with chickens

Bird sitting for hens
Pet sitting with chickens

If you are minding hens with chicken you will need to follow the daily routine given to you carefully.

Pet sitting with chicken needs as much preparation as any other domestic bird or pet, with specifications to be made clear on whether or not the owner wants eggs left for brooding hens, or the eggs removed on a daily basis.

Feisty cockerels also need to be understood as much as the daily routines required to keep them healthy and safe.

At we can help you to connect with bird minders who will take on your bird sitting assignments in exchange for free accommodation.

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