sustainable travel
19 Oct, 2021

Sustainable travel – Electric vehicles are the future

We all dream of sustainable travel in the future, for ourselves and our children.  Whether as homeowners or housesitters the idea of being able to move around, travel and go places with minimal impact on the planet is a dream we can help to transform into reality. We can all make choices every day that […]

London house sitting
12 Oct, 2021

London house sitting – London calling!

Many long term housesitters and petsitters will tell you they love either rural housesits or city housesits. London house sitting can have a remarkable draw for both types of housesitter. Housesitting in London offers a fantastic diversity of experiences, including and most importantly pet care, for animal lovers, and an exciting urban setting.  Read on […]

how to reduce energy bills
11 Oct, 2021

How to reduce energy bills to save money

Rising energy costs are a troubling fact of life the world over. As homeowners we feel it more than most with fuel costs rising incessantly. Learning how to reduce energy bills to save money and become more sustainable is becoming essential. Here are some top tips on how to start. Effective ideas on how to […]

home gardening ideas
9 Oct, 2021

Home gardening ideas – Artificial grass

Many of us with gardens at home enjoy the routines and seasonal chores. As homeowners and gardeners, however, there are some challenges we face regularly too. Managing lawns is a key challenge for gardeners. This is especially true when that green space is on a steep slope, in a dry patch or indeed a damp […]

home insulation
4 Oct, 2021

Home insulation – Home maintenance vitals

Home maintenance is a watchword for most homeowners.  As every house owner will tell you it takes effort to maintain a home whatever the weather. Home insultation is especially important if you live in a changeable climate. Here are some great expert tips on what you need to know about home insulation and insulation installations. […]

buying a forklift truck
3 Oct, 2021

Buying a forklift truck for the first time? Read this

Some of our homeowners and estate owners at Housesit Match move to a large property, sometimes with horses and land. This may be a new move this kind for them. They may never have had to manage the land or large equipment before. Buying a forklift truck can be intimidating for the first time. Here […]