Long-Term House-Sitters Needed by volunteering couple

Sam and Pete need long-term house-sitters – But why..?

5 Dec, 2014

Sam and Pete need long-term house-sitters – But why..?

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Need long term pet-sitters because you are travelling away from home or because you are volunteering abroad? Why not find registered and trustworthy house and pet-sitters to live in your home and care for your pets in your absence?

Long-term house-sitters are needed for a volunteering couple – Sam and Pete

From time to time we are asked by people we meet why some people register with us as homeowners when they need long-term house-sitters. Why would you leave your home to someone you don’t know to care for your pets and property over a very long period of time? And why wouldn’t you rent out your home for that period instead? In this case our homeowners Sam and Pete need to leave their elderly gentlemen cats at home for the duration of their year abroad. So they need long-term house-sitters to care for them.

And once in a while we write a blog, with our members cooperation, to tell their story so that we can bring to life the challenges people face and the solutions we can help to deliver. In this case we explore the need of volunteers who give one year’s service to a charity abroad but then need long-term house-sitters to care for their fur family and property left at home.

Our Homeowners

Take Sam and Pete. They are a young English couple, professionals who have in the past volunteered their time for charitable projects during their holidays.

Sam and Pete need long-term house-sIitters
Sam and Pete in Uganda

They have previously committed two, three or four weeks at a time. Then one day they came across the CHIFCOD, a Ugandan Charity that runs several primary schools, a high school and a regional college in the Kanunhu region, with the ambition To empower children through education to rise out of the cycle of poverty in which they were locked. Shorter visits abroad had been easier to manage with friends and family staying at home to look after their cars. But longer periods of absence meant they had to consider long-term house-sitters, an affordable option for them to have free pet care and home care for the duration.

Their Mission

CHIFCOD has several schools in the region and one in particular, Kirima Parents Primary School (KPPS), was started when three sets of parents wanted to ensure their children went to school somewhere that could provide them with a decent education. From this aspiration KPPS was born, and now just a few short years later children leave the school with some of the best grades in the region.

CHIFCOD School, Uganda
CHIFCOD School, Uganda
Long-term house-sitters help you cover responsibilities when on long term projects away from home
Building New Classrooms

Last August Sam and Pete spent a few weeks in Uganda volunteering and helping out with this particular charity. They were so moved by the work of the volunteers, and the positive impact they could see it was having on the children of all ages, that when they were asked if they wanted to come back for a longer period they said, yes! In fact they committed to at least 6 months in 2015.  It was then that they decided they needed long-term house-sitters.

CHIFCOD students at school
CHIFCOD students at school

Thats quite a commitment, especially when like most people they already had careers, a home, and pets near Cambridge in England where they are based. But such is their dedication to the children they would like to help, and the charity that facilitates this support that this is exactly what they are planning to do. Sam and Pete have just found suitable house-sitters to help them care for their two cats – Wentworth and Windsor – and their home in their absence.

The long-term house-sitters

If you are looking for a long-term house-sit, these are some considerations to bear in mind:

The Benefits

  • Free Lodging – A house-sit assignment will provide you with free lodging in exchange for taking on the responsibilities of the house-sit assignment.
  • Live Like a Local – a long-term placement gives the house-sitter a degree of security and an opportunity to live like a local and learn more about a particular geography than anyone else passing through with a shorter visit.
  • Financial Savings – Staying in one sit such as this one for at least 6 months eliminates not only rent, but a number of other lodging related costs. However, it is important that you are clear on other related costs and come to a suitable arrangement with your hosts e.g. utilities, comms etc.
  • A Collaboration – In exchange for a no rent arrangement with your homeowners you will take on the responsibility of caring for their pets, managing their property and keeping them informed of any developments at home. Its a win-win arrangement.

The Responsibilities

  • Your Commitment – Long-term house-sits often need a formal agreement in order to fully engage both parties and to ensure all aspects of the assignment are well understood. As long-term house-sitters you need to be fully engaged with all the requirements of this assignment.
  • Your Communications – If you are responsible, experienced with pets and property management then such house-sit assignments can be very good placements. Your house-sit hosts may want you to keep in touch with them with regular reports, especially as regards the pets.
  • Respect for the Property – It is important that you respect the house-sit assignment and all its responsibilities maintaining the property to the best possible standard.
  • Care for any Pets – If you decide you want to be long-term house-sitters the owners will prepare you in terms of how to care for their pets, make sure you secure information on the appropriate vet surgery, medication and any special needs for each individual animal. It is an equal responsibility on your part to make sure that you find out all the important information related to your pet responsibilities.

For more information about Sam and Petes voluntary work visit their WEBLOG.

For more information on the CHIFCOD charity and their work transforming communities watch this VIDEO.

For other opportunities to volunteer or to take a career break visit the Career Break Site, and you will find a range of options from around the world.

By Lamia Walker, Founder of HouseSit Match


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