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Cat Sitting: the Perfect Alternative to a Cattery

The temporary care for domesticated cats at home is the cat sitting meaning of the phrase that we offer. As a cat owner you look for sitters to stay with your feline pets while you are away, keeping them safe and comfortable in their own home. Before you look to hire a professional cat sitter, read on.

At we can help you connect with ID and Police checked live in cat sitters and once you join our network the sitters are for free! It’s a perfect cattery alternative!

Cat sitters

cat sitting
Cats prefer to relax at home

Why do cat owners need cat sitters or cat house sitters

Despite the reputation that cats have of being independent, pet sitting for cats is important way of caring for cats, and is becoming increasingly popular, especially because some breeds are prone to show signs of anxiety with any change in routine or circumstance.

Other types of cat are highly vocal like orange cats for example. Rather famously described by many as outwardly engaging, generally speaking orange or ginger cats can be quite forthright in personality. They are generally male in gender, and they love engaging with people. In fact some cat lovers say they need company.

One vet quoted in National Geographic states that the cat’s colour can denote a particular personality, take ginger or orange cats as an example.

Looking for the ideal petsitter can be a challenge. This is where we come in and would like to help.

Caring for old and young cats

Caring for young kittens and older mature cats in their own home can also be a major benefit of cat sitting. Due to their young or old age they can be more vulnerable to any change in circumstance. Live in catsitters are a great option. As is live in cat house sitters, people who will care for your cat and your home while they are resident.

The many different breeds of cat present varying personality traits and habits, this can become more obvious when they are left when owners travel away from home.

Keeping cats healthy is a cat sitter ‘s core responsibility

Whether you are a cat owner or a cat sitter, keeping cats healthy is a responsibility. Make sure you have done some research and you observe the behaviour of the cat you are caring for.

Catsitting tips

If living and caring for cats is relatively new to you then do a little research. And if you are looking for a cat sitter before you find one look up any cat sitting tips you can find.

The standard moggy may be placid, a live-wire, playful or fearful of new company – so when pet sitting for cats the sitter should take time to get to know the cat’s personality before wading in.

Vet Matthew Bayliss offers some excellent top tips for cat sitters owners when preparing for a cat sitting.

Choosing a new cat

If you are in the process of a cat adoption and planning ahead for cat sitting requirements. Consider the personality of each cat breed. You will also need to think about any likely illnesses, or cat eye infections. Some cat breeds are more vulnerable than others.

Perhaps you love ginger cats. Did you know that most orange cats are male? Perhaps you like grey cats or a specific breed like a Siamese feline. Consider joining the special breed society like the Siamese Cat Club for more detailed information to prepare you for a home cat of that breed.

cat sitting
Catsitting – fun and affordable pet care

Cat sitting services

Professional cat sitters

You might be considering the need to hire a professional cat sitter. They are available in most towns and generally charge you a daily rate. You’ll need to search on line and call some agencies to find out the price of professional pet sitters locally. If you are always hiring pet sitters try a more affordable way to find cat sitter care.

Professional cat sitters come at a cost. Instead of professional in home catsitters who will charge you by the day and sometimes by the hour, you might consider drop in visits where cat sitters stop by to feed your pet.

Catteries –

Professional organisations to care for your pet cats, on their premises, for a daily charge. You need to check locally to see what is the going rate for catteries.

Checked live-in cat house sitters –

These live in home and cat sitters will offer in home pet care to cherish you pet cat in your absence. One way to alleviate any stress for your cat (or cats!) is to have the sitters move in. Having a reliable cat sitter move into the cat’s home is a great alternative to a cattery.

If you have chosen a cat house sitter, ask for a meet and greet if possible. That way the cat minder can meet your pts prior to their time alone with your cat. You may have a housekeeper to care for your home. Cat care and cat minding when you go away might be part of their role.

During the meeting it is beneficial to discuss any pertinent notes on your cats behaviour. Make sure you brief on the feeding regimen, when they like to go out (and come back in). Include other daily routines like sleeping patterns, their favourite toys and methods of play.

Find cat minders

To find checked live-in cat sitters register with as a homeowner.  Post your cat sitting jobs on our site and look on our Find a House sitter directory.

Regarding moving the litter tray, experts agree that this can be as stressful for cats as moving to stay in a new location. Be sure to ask the sitter to maintain the location of their litter trays especially you are away and they are in charge.

A great way to establish trust between the sitter and your pet is to run this meet and greet and get them playing together or at least be aware of each other. Familiarity of smells does help to minimise any separation anxiety they might experience.

cat minding
If possible allow the sitter to meet the cats ahead of your trip

Cat minding

Pet sitting for cats will often include regular brushing and grooming of the pets especially with long hairs. The act of grooming and brushing the cats can help enormously with relaxing the animal. And of course it maintains the condition of the fur.

The term cat minding can be used interchangeably with cat sitting. This means a temporary arrangement to care for a pet cat, usually in the cat owner’s home.

Cat minding responsibilities

The responsibilities of a cat house sitter will include all that is necessary to care for and maintain the cat’s health and well being. This includes feeding, providing fresh water, grooming, cleaning the litter tray if required and giving of any medication if required.

You also need to learn how to know when your feline friend is unwell. Cat sickness can be masked by shy behaviour. This is when during a catsitting assignment, it is useful for the cat sitter to have spent time getting to know the cat. Then it will be easier to detect if there is an issue with the cat’s health that must be dealt with.

This is one of the stand out advantages of having a live in pet sitter. The cat sitter is present and will note any changes in behaviour.

This arrangement can have many other advantages not least the fact that cat experiences minimum disruption despite the cat owner’s absence. This reduces separation anxiety. It’s a great cattery alternative.

House and cat sitting

cat sitting services
It’s great to know your cat is relaxed at home

Another advantage of inviting checked live-in house sitters to care for your cat in your home, is combining cat sitting and house sitting. The sitters will care for your cat while keeping your home occupied and maintained in your absence.

By joining a petsitting and housesitting website like you can take time to find your ideal petsitter.

This can be hugely valuable especially during long term absences when the property may become vulnerable to opportunistic burglars. If a garden is left unattended for too long it can be the first sign that the property is empty. It becomes vulnerable.

During any holiday period when the owners are absent it may become over-grown. Then it will the property is an open invitation to passing intruders.

The availability of house sitters specialising in cat sitting is increasing as more people discover the joys of housesitting. It allows many to indulge their love of pets, to live like a local in new locations and travel on a fixed budget.

Customer Testimonials

What our clients say about us on Trustpilot 

My first experience of having a…house/pet sitter…

cat sitting
Catsitting – fun and affordable pet care

My first experience of having a pet/house sitter was just amazing! It happened when the snow storms were lashing the UK and in particular Ireland, where my pet sitter, Claire, is based.

It was touch and go that she would get here so I contacted Lamia. I explained the situation,. She immediately searched for and found 2 other sitters who were happy to step in if required.

Fortunately, Claire was able to get to the airport and arrived the following day. My cats were completely relaxed and happy on my return and the apartment was spotlessly clean and tidy.

Everyday Claire sent me a short video clip of the cats either purring, or on her lap being fussed etc. This put me completely at ease as they are both rescue cats and very wary of strangers. Happily, Claire is no longer a stranger here and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Support with Housesit Match

Also, Lamia and her staff at House sit Match are brilliant. Nothing is too much trouble and any questions or problems are dealt with immediately. I will always use them in the future and feel happy leaving both my home and pets in excellent cat sitter hands whilst I can go away with peace of mind. – – Toni Bancroft

To find a checked live-in cat house sitter to care for your pet cat join HouseSitMatch today as a homeowner it takes just five minutes, and if you need a little extra help, whether it’s with finding UK house sitters or house sitting in Europe or even with the technology  CONTACT US  and we can support you in real time. We’re here to help you,!


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