Guinea Pig Sitting

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Guinea pig sitting is a time limited arrangement where a pet sitter will take care of the pet Guinea pigs if the owner is unable to for a period of time. You can find suitable live in pet sitters in a number of ways. One way is to search in Google for a live-in pet sitter services. Bear in mind that a live in pet sitter offering guinea pig sitting has many advantages and will help by pet minding while keeping your home secure. This home pet sitting service is also free when you join a housesitting website like Housesit Match.

guinea pig sitting on a table
Guinea pigs make excellent easy care pets; pet sitters love caring for them. Diet is critical in their care.

Photo by Dan Barrett

Guinea pig sitting – Top tips

Anyone guinea pig sitting needs to be mindful of a few important facts about the small mammal. In particular, that such a small pet can be difficult about their diet.

1. Diet is fundamentally important for Guinea pigs

A regular pig sitter and pig owner will know that careful handling and scheduling of their foods is important. And more importantly diet is very important for guinea pigs.

When pet sitting for guinea pigs there are some critical guidelines that need to be remembered.

2. High fibre foods

Guinea pigs, in a similar way to rabbits and other miniature furry creatures are herbivores and belong to a sub-group which we will call fibrevores. These are furry animals that have developed a unique digestive system that means they must have fibre as the main part of their diet. Therefore their diet should consist mostly of high-fibre foods such as hay and grass.

3. Water is essential

In addition to this, they should always have access to fresh water. They should also have a small amount of nugget type food. It is best to avoid muesli-type food (if possible), as they pick out the tastiest bits, and leave the less tasty (and usually more beneficial!) bits.

white and brown guinea pig walking in tall grass
Guinea pigs love walking through grass

Photo by Phil C

Guinea pigs need a trusted pet sitter

If you are guinea pig sitting it is important to check on your charges on a regular basis.  You need to check their levels of fresh water levels are sufficient and that their food is in constant supply.

You also need to be mindful that the guinea pig is only given foods that are appropriate.

What is abnormal guinea pig Behaviour?

It is a common misconception that guinea pigs eat muesli type foods. And while the elements in muesli are edible and digestible, it is very important that the guinea pig maintains a balanced diet all the time.

Failure to maintain this balanced diet with the approved foods of the owner, can lead to dental and digestive problems in a relatively short time.

At HouseSit we have pet sitters experience in the care and nurture of Guinea pigs.

On registration with us they are asked for an ID check and a police check – both will display on their profiles.

Guinea pig symptoms and signs of ill health

Unlike cat sitting which usually means a sitter keeps their distance with and independent feline, it is especially important for a pig sitter to be watchful of guinea pigs because as advised by Vet Matthew Bayliss they can hide illness. But before sending for the emergency Guinea pig rescue both the pig sitter and the pig owner should quickly review this list of symptoms.

According to, which offers advice, a medical and well-being guide for Guinea pigs offering symptoms to look out for when detecting ill health in a Guinea pig include:

  • Refusal to eat or drink (anorexia) — URI, Malocclusion,
  • Weight Loss — Malocclusion, other
  • Labored breathing, wheezing — URI, Circulatory Problems,
  • Crusty eyes, sneezing — URI, other
  • Rough or puffed-up coat — URI, other
  • Swollen abdomen — BLOAT, other
  • Drooling — Malocclusion, other
  • Watery diarrhea — Diarrhea, other
  • No feces — Anorexia (not eating), Bloat, other
  • Unable to urinate — Bladder Stones, other
  • Blood in urine — UTI, Bladder Stones, Pyometra, other
  • Bleeding from rectal area — UTI, Bladder Stones, Pyometra, Retained Placenta, other
  • Limping, hopping, severe injury — Injury, Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency, Arthritis, other
  • Hair loss, excessive scratching — Mange Mites, Fungal Infection, other
  • Loss of balance — Ear Infection, Injury, Poisoning, other
  • Head tilt — Ear Infection, wry neck, other

Guinea pig sitting services

pig sitter
An ideal pig sitter should have good powers of observation. Observe this guinea pig sitting hunched in the guinea pig sitter’s cupped hands

Photo by LunarSeaArt

Pet sitting for guinea pigs will vary depending on the pigs to be cared for, their age and their needs.

Guinea pig sitting services may involve brushing and grooming the pets, special dietary requirements especially for young or older guinea pigs.

Winter warning

Keeping guinea pigs warm in the winter is crucial especially if there is a power outage. Sitters need to be briefed carefully in case of such eventualities. Reliability in the sitter’s service is critical to ensure that daily routines on which the animals rely are maintained.

Guinea pig minding

Guinea pig minding is an alternative term to be used instead of guinea pig sitting, meaning the temporary arrangement made between the sitter and the pet owner for the care of the pigs.

Both young and mature pigs need special care and attention especially in the colder winter months when food and warmth become especially critical to their survival.

guinea pig sitting next to a bag of carrots
Diet is very important in guinea pig sitting

Photo by Katherine McAdoo


When there are several guinea pigs to care for it is especially important to ensure the guinea pig house is well maintained with fresh hay and food. Petsitting for guinea pigs takes some care and attention especially around the feeding and temperature control. This is especially important in the colder months. so a having live in guinea pig sitter is a great advantage. Because you will have someone present to look after them, pet minding them in you absence.

When you come to choose a guinea pig sitter check out the top tips on the best approach as noted by experts.

Finding the ideal pet sitter takes a little research. Consider joining a housesitting website like Housesit Match. You will find advice on how to find a great pet sitter and housesitter, written by the pet owners.

Petsitting for free

If you are considering guinea pig boarding near me, think again.  What might surprise you about the in-home guinea pig sitting price is that it varies enormously from Free guinea pig sitting to a price per house in some locations.  The housesitters through HouseSitMatch are also pig sitting for free because they are part of the membership network, so this saves the family a great deal of money in pet care fees.

It’s a win win arrangement for the pig owner and the pig sitter. The owner is able to ensure checked live sitters are caring for their home and pets for free. This can represent peace of mind when you go away, and a significant cost saving to your holiday pet care arrangements. The sitter secures free accommodation in exchange for their time and skills as sitters.

To find a checked live-in house sitter to care for your pet cat join HouseSitMatch today as a pet owner homeowner it takes just five minutes, and if you need a little extra help with the technology. CONTACT US  and we can support you in real time. We’re here to help you!


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