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Petowner and homeowner looking to save money and time

Why join as a Homeowner / Petowner

– Meet checked experienced pet lovers to care for your family pets in their own home
– Find checked housesitters to keep your property safe. We operate all over the world
– Our sitters care for your property while you are away e.g. pet care, garden care
– You may add 2 extra home addresses to your Premium account for free i.e. for holiday home care
– Our housesitters do not charge. No money changes hands. This is an exchange of services to help each other for free.

What makes Housesit Match special?

– We’re a friendly network. Ask for help via Livechat, WhatsApp, Social media or Email
– Our main office is in High Wycombe, UK. Yet we operate virtually across the globe
– We can guide you through your first profile, and your first housesit
– We have guidelines, top tips and templates to help set you on your course
– Our data is stored in the UK, where we understand and abide by the data regulations. We do not sell your data.

House-sitters minimise pet disruption

We help you keep your pets at home while you are away. At home they will remain comfortable and feel safe in their own familiar environment. This will help you to minimise any likely pet stress while you travel

Website Security

Usernames used, not real names; your address and contact details remain hidden; your housesit advert map shows the nearest town not your exact location; we ID check every new member for safety.

Free pet care – petowners save

You offer free accommodation to house and petsitters. And by having sitters living in your home you will cut out any kennelling fees!  They save and you save. This exchange of services will save every body a lot of money.

Security for pets and property

You leave home knowing that your property is occupied and your pets cared for.  You can document and demonstrate the pet and home care routines to ensure the sitter understands what you need.

Trustworthy References – References on our site between house-sitters and homeowners are purely generated from house-sits secured on our site. You can trust these references; they are genuine.

You have a choice of two service levels

Save money by choosing housesitters to suit your needs. By selecting the right annual plan for you will have control, ensuring HouseSit Match suits your budget and your needs.

Remember Premium membership has many additional benefits. Premium homeowners can post up to 3 housesit adverts per address at any one time and in addition you have the option to post up to 3 addresses per Premium homeowner account. This will make it easier if you are trying to manage the care of several properties at once.

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Home Owner
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Free ID verification
Verified reviews
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Create an account either Standard or Premium in 3 easy steps

1. Register as a homeowner/ petowner to create your account.

2. Do an ID check online (we can help), we ask everyone to do this to keep the site safe.

3. Build your profile with information about you, your home and pets. Add photos – Premium accounts get more photos, resources and a video! Then post your housesit advert with your dates.

Join us today. It’s easy.

Happy housesitting!

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