House Sitting Australia

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House sitting Australia is a temporary assignment where a checked live-in house or pet sitter will agree to care for the property and usually also the pets of a home owner. House sitting in Australia is when the sitter must travel away from their home perhaps from another city or country to take up the house sitting post in Australia.

Try a house sit in Australia

Wherever the housesit assignment is in Australia if you are planning to come from overseas you will need to plan ensuring you have the right visa permissions to enter the country, and are aware of the scale of the country and some of the major differences, for example in population. House Sits in Australia are increasingly popular because it offers an authentic travel experience.

Australian flag
The Australian National Flag

What is house sitting in Australia?

Published assignments to house sit Australia present individual house sitting opportunities, discretely defined by a set duration located in one of the vast states in Aus! The house-sit assignments can be facilitated through the use of a housesitting website, a home and pet owner would register paying a small annual fee and post a house sitting job on the house sitting site asking a sitter to mind my house and care for my pets.

Whether the pets are standard poodles or farm animals house sitters also registered on the site having paid an annul fee will review all the sit assignments on the house sitting site for a good house sitting job. There is usually no payment taken for a collaborative house sit assignment, the sitting job offers an exchange of services. Free house and pet sitting in exchange for free accommodation.

How long are house-sitting arrangements? There Long and short assignments for house sitting in Australia

The length of a sitting job can vary from about a week to six months, occasionally a house owner will look for house carers for a longer period. If the house sitter is coming from outside of Australia then a visa check needs to happen to ensure commitments are within the agreed visa period.

Some opportunities could be classified as luxury house sitting, sometimes a house owner will look for an experienced house carer to mind my house until I return, though usually there is a definitive stated period of time for the house sit.

House sitting Australia for the first time?

a pet sitter playing with a dog on a beach while house sitting Australia
Archie loved swimming and playing ball games at the dog beach on the Gold Coast with this housesitters.
Photo by Gavin Merritt

Consider the differences between house sitting Australia and in your country of origin

Compare the density and population of Australia to other countries. The entire population of Australia is now 24 Million (but still one of the most well-travelled populations).

The urban population of Beijing is now also estimated at 24 Million. In London, it is believed that approximately 10.5 Million live in the capital. The population of New York is assumed to be 8.5 million and the population of Istanbul is estimated at nearly 15 Million.

And yet the land mass is significantly larger than most people realise, which is important to realise before heading off to a house sit in Australia.

Size matters

The sheer scale of the country will impact on any travel plans you may have when house sitting Australia, and the timing of getting to any house and pet sit you have applied to, and of course this will affect the cost of travelling between destinations.

Here are some interesting and perhaps unexpected scale comparisons inland mass for the uninitiated:

Australian capital territory
Map Fight App comparison in land mass

Curious landmass comparisons 

United Kingdom = 3% of Australia

England = 16% of New South Wales Australia

England = 56%  of Victoria Australia

England = 7.5% of Queensland Australia

England =  5.1% of Western Australia

Australian Northern Territories = 13% of all of Europe.


 As a sitter – House sitting Australia

house sitting Australia
Sydney Opera House – Photo by Lamia Walker

House sitting Australia saves money offering authentic travel

As a house sitter Australian house sitting offers you the opportunity for home sitting in a fascinating country living like a local. Your visit will mean you are visiting like a working tourist without paying for accommodation. By joining one of the house sitting websites with good ID checking and management you can secure a sitting assignment in any of the Australian states you want to visit.

This can be a great boost to your travel plans, cutting the cost of your trip by a significant percentage by allowing you to exchange your services as a housesitter or pet sitter for free accommodation.


Sydney Melbourne

Wherever you choose to housesit whether house sitting in Sydney Melbourne, house sitting in Canberra, or Brisbane, house sitting in Perth or anywhere in South Australia it can be a great adventure and a rewarding experience. House sitting Australia allows you to visit new cities and experience them from within a new location, living like a local.


Whether you are retired or grey gap year senior house sitters or younger digital nomads or perhaps somewhere in between wanting to see the world consider house sitting Australia. As a native Australian, house sitting Australia offers clear benefits – Nat and Jodie native Australians, international house sitters and Founders of the Housesitting Academy explain why:

One benefit for Australians getting started in house sitting is that there are just so many short opportunities to choose from which is a great way to collect references. And a major benefit of being ‘In Country’ is that some home owners do like to meet in person if the location allows for it – perhaps even offering this will help get you started successfully.

Every house sit also offers a low maintenance holiday because you live in someone’s home conveniently organised for domestic living by the owner. You’re located in a real neighbourhood in the city of your choice to truly experience the culture and environment from the footprint of the home and pet owner.


I couldn’t ask for better attention to our house sit requirements! Lamia is always in touch as soon as possible with helpful hints and fantastic friendly attention! I would recommend this site to all my friends!

~ Nichos, Melbourne, Australia ~ Home owner & Pet owner


Top tips again from Nat and Jodie of the Housesitting Academy:

Retired neighbours make excellent guides – Find out if you have retired neighbours at your Aussie house sitting and be sure to say hello. Aussies are proud and enjoy showing you around and giving great tips for experiences to be had.

Driving essential for rural sits – There are many rural opportunities where driving a car (right-hand side) is necessary to access supermarkets etc and many home owners are willing to provide use of a vehicle.

Save money by home cooking when house sitting – One extra benefit to house sitting Australia is the ability to cook at home. Groceries and alcohol are reasonably priced for self-catering, whereas eating out is rather expensive, more so in the big cities.

house sitting Australia
A house in Sydney Australia Photo by Lamia Walker

Short house sitting assignments and long-term house sitting 

Depending on your planned length of stay when house sitting Australia and the reasons for your trip, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa for entry.

It is important to select the right visa to based on your country of origin and your reasons for visiting.

Consult the Department of Home Affairs website

Consider your visa options. Every visitor to Australia needs a valid travel authorization. Click here to check on your ETA to visit and housesit Australia:

  • Australian Tourist visa – up to 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Work and Holiday visa (# 462 visa) – for young people aged 18-30 years *
  • Working holiday visa (#417 visa) – for young people aged 18–30 years. *

What’s the difference between the two visas

Long term house sitting Australia

Another little-known fact about the housesitting protocols in Australia is that if you are completing a housesit that is longer than 3 months as a non-resident then formalising this arrangement is important and the government no longer views this as a holiday house sitting.

Formal house-sitting agreements will differ for periods of longer than 3 months.

Pet sitting Australia

If you planning to pet sit in Australia as a non-resident there are a number of points to note before booking a flight and accepting an assignment. The authorities are stringent on the paper work in Australia so be prepared and plan what you need ahead of any house or pet sitting specific bookings you plan to make.

Pet minding or pet sitting in Australia  in the owner’s absence can lead to many a unique experience for those for whom pets and animals are a joy wherever they are.

Pet sit in Australia

Things to consider before committing to a pet sit in Australia if you are house sitting abroad and house sitting vacancies:

  1. Location – where is the pet house sitting assignment
  2. Distance from airport – consider how long and what it will cost you to get to the sit from your airport of arrival
  3. Pets to be cared for – what kind of animals will you be caring for in the pet house sitting assignment
  4. Farm animals – if farm animals are involved do you have the right experience
  5. Distance from amenities – make sure you can find the nearest shop or surgery (e.g, 60 minute drive on the road to …)
  6. House sitter’s space – even in a multi bedroom home don’t assume you can sleep anywhere
house and pet - Photo by David Walker
Australia may introduce you to many new pet breeds

Photo by David Walker

Choice of assignment –

If you are choosing between housesitting and pet sitting assignments in different locations, make a priority check list of the states you want to visit. Plan carefully what happens between the house sits, whether you are house sitting Queensland or planning on hopping over to Sydney for house sitting. The distance between two house sit assignments may not be just a 30-minute drive between cities .

State Checklist:

  • Australian capital territory
  • New south wales Australia
  • Victoria Australia
  • Queensland Australia
  • South Australia
  • Northern Territories Australia
  • Western Australia

As a home owner – house sitting Australia

Garden on the east coast of Australia
Housesitters protect an empty home from unwanted visitors – Photo by Lamia Walker

Security for your house and pet 

Inviting reliable house sitters to stay at your property has many benefits. Security is important to consider when you are away from your property. Security is especially important in the large cities Sydney Melbourne Canberra where urban threats are spreading to the suburbs and even the quiet neighbourhoods.

Burglars and unwanted prowlers can create a significant threat especially for homes that are empty for long periods while the owners are on holidays.

House sitter in Australia maintains the home

Gardens can quickly look neglected and overgrown even if you are only on vacation for a couple of weeks.

This is one of the signs that burglars look for when they look for vulnerabilities in a neighbourhood, any 2-5 bedroom home can present an easy opportunity for theft; and larger properties even more so.

Not only is leaving a garden neglected while you are away a threat to your property it also increases the risk for other neighbouring properties around you and could make you unpopular in your street. Even a low maintenance home can quickly appear abandoned without the activity and care of a human presence.

Peace of mind with pets cared for at home

House sitters are an affordable pet care solution, especially for long holidays. While you are planning a long holiday or your dream vacation to some where exotic like the Virgin Islands consider the property you are leaving and the risks of its appearance when standing empty.

Finding reliable housesitters can help you to maintain the status quo of your home, and give you peace of mind.

Where do you start looking

If you are looking for a pet house sitting resource that is flexible, affordable and fun there are housesitting and pet sitting membership networks online like HouseSit Working through this house sitting network will enable you to meet and collaborate with pet lovers who will also care for your home, garden and family pets, all in exchange for free accommodation and a good sitter review at the end of the assignment.

The housesitting and pet sitting is for free with genuine pet lovers caring for your pets in their own home.

There are many sitters in Australia and around the world who find that housesitting throughout Australia can be a great benefit on many levels and would gladly exchange their time and experience for free accommodation.


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