House Sitting USA

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Housesitting is a temporary arrangement where a checked live-in sitter will take an assignment to care for the property and usually that includes the pets of a home owner. House sitting USA is when home owners anywhere in America look for a house and pet sitter to care for their property and pets, and when a house sitter offers to stay on the property to care for the property and pets in the owner’s absence.

What is a house sitting assignment?

A house sit assignment is usually described as an individual house sitting opportunity often facilitated through a housesitting website. The way it works is a home and pet owner regsiaters paying a small annual fee and post a house sitting job on the house sitting site asking a sitter to mind my house and care for my pets.

Whether the pets are standard poodles or farm animals house sitters also registered on the site having paid an annul fee will review all the sit assignments on the house sitting site for a good house sitting job.

There is usually no payment taken for a collaborative house sit assignment, the sitting job offers an exchange of services. Free house and pet sitting in exchange for free accommodation.

Each sitting job will vary in duration from about a week to six months. Sometimes a house owner will look for house carers for a longer period of up to a year, although the legalities of such arrangements become tricky over long periods and need to be carefully managed on both sides to ensure clarity of legal obligation and commitment.

If the house sitter is coming from outside of the USA then a visa check needs to happen to ensure commitments are within the agreed visa period.

Some opportunities could be described as luxury house sitting, usually a home owner will need an experienced house carer to mind their home until they return, though usually there is a definitive stated period of time for the house sit.

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The Stars and Stripes – US national flag

Using house sitting network as a facilitator of affordable travel for house sitters America can become a very affordable place even for an extended visit.

House sitting America

House sitting USA is a great way to travel on a fixed budget exchanging your time and experience caring for someone’s pets and property while they are away, in exchange for free accommodation.

The house sitter saves money on hotels and the home owners save on professional pet care fees.

Travelling across the USA offers an enormous variety and diversity of experience through the country and across the 50 states of America.

The American continent offers easy access to a wealth of topography, culture and history from East to West coast, vibrant cities like New York, Chicago and Miami to coastal resorts and the plains of the Mid West.

House sitting anywhere in America can save a significant amount of money when you are travelling, especially to the top cities and capitals where hotel, Airbnb and even hostel accommodation can be exhaustive on any travel budget.

Home owners also save money by having their pets cared for by housesitters, by house sitting USA any house and pet owner saves money $ 000 s for each holiday, by collaborating with the house carers and pet carers offering free accommodation in exchange for free home and pet care.

Housesitting is rapidly becoming one of the travel tips bloggers share with their readers, along with the most affordable travel insurance for the US house sitters.

For the ultimate guide for housesitters check out the House Sit Match housesitting blog.

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House sitting America offers

Whether you are a homeowner and petowner, or a housesitter and petsitter a collaborative housesitting arrangement can save you a significant amount of money and worry if you work through a reputable housesitting platform like HouseSitMatch.

With ID checks for all new members and police and background checks for all sitters HouseSitMatch is a managed website to ensure the best possible experience for all members who travel and love pets.

For house sitters and pet sitters house sitting USA means 

Housesitting around America offers you the opportunity to visit the country as a tourist and live like a local in someone’s home caring or their property and pets.

There are many places to visit if the house sit opportunity is available whether you are hoping to do  house sitting New York, house sitting Washington DC, house sitting Chicago, house sitting Boston, house sitting Florida, house sitting California, all offer a wealth of cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

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Street of Victorian houses in San Francisco, CA USA

Short housesitting assignments and long-term house sitting USA

Depending on your planned length of stay in the USA and the reasons for your trip, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa for entry.

Most travellers need a tourist or visitor’s visa to travel to the USA 

The type of visa and the application requirements will depend on your country of origin and the purpose of your visit. To check the current status on your passport requirements for entry to the US visit the US Embassy website that pertains to your country of origin.

House sitting USA  for home and pet owners saves money

Pets are increasingly popular in American homes, especially cats and dogs with dogs being the more popular live-in pet.

The U.S. is a pet-friendly country. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs in homes around the U.S. More people own dogs than cats, but the number of cats is higher because cats owners tend to have two or more felines sharing their home.

Moreover, pet ownership is increasing with each year with numbers of farm animals kept as domestic pets increasing also. So, the demand for live in pet care and pet sitters is also increasing.

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Dogs are the most popular live-in pet across the US

Pet care for our family pets can be expensive especially when you calculate the costs of care for the animals when going away on holiday or on frequent business trips.

The Housesitmatch network offers you access to the directory of checked experienced pet lovers will care for your pets while they manage your property in your absence, for free.

House sitters are an affordable pet care solution, especially for multiple pets 

housepet sitting
Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the US

If you are looking for a pet sitting resource that is flexible, affordable and fun there is a house sitting website online that can help.

This home and pet sitting network will enable you to meet and collaborate with pet lovers who will also care for your home, garden and family pets, all in exchange for free accommodation and a good sitter review at the end of the assignment.

The petsitting is for free with genuine pet lovers caring for your pets in their own home.

There are many sitters in the States and around the world who find that housesitting throughout America can be a great benefit on many levels and would gladly exchange their time and experience for free accommodation.

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