Housesits and Housesitting Vacancies

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If you want to search for housesits in our housesitting vacancies we can help you find the right sit for your experience and skills.


cartoon illustration of housesits
A fun illustration of what a housesit might look like

Whether you are looking for international assignments and house sitting opportunities, short term or long term house or pet sitting scroll down and search our directory using the following searches. Remember to select some of the search filters such as KEYWORDS to help you find the housesitting that suits you best.

How to search for housesits

Read on to learn more about how you can filter the available housesits and housesitting and pet sitting opportunities:

  • Housesitting vacancies, petsits and housesits in a chosen country – search pet sitting and pet housesitting vacancies by typing a country in the ANY LOCATION window
  • Sits with particular features – e.g. pool, garden and beach, then type in your focus word in the KEYWORDS box
  • Pet sitting and housesits to care for a particular kind of animal – click the pet TAG you want below to reveal those housesits.
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