Housesitter & Petsitter benefits

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Petsitter and housesitter benefits include a variety of tangible experiences. By offering your services for free you can benefit by securing:

Benefits of becoming a house sitter or pet sitter

Free accommodation ‰- reward for petsitter and housesitter in exchange for pet care and property maintenance.
Authentic travel experience –  live like a local with community based travel and tourism. You gain a deeper appreciation of your new location.
Real cost savings – Saving on rent and hotels means you can travel further when you exchange your time as a live in house sitter and pet sitter.
Easy to learn how to become a house sitter Research, and try a local house sit first.

UK Housesitting Story

It’s easy to join this network, it takes a few minutes, you’ll be online in three easy steps:
  1. Create an account: Standard or Premium.
  2. Build your profile: Add photos to raise your profile on the site.
  3. Search our list for house-sits: Find a suitable sit, and contact the homeowner confidentially via the site.

Why house-sit with HouseSit Match?  

As either a housesitter or a petsitter you can save money!

You have a choice of two service levels:

This means you have control over making HouseSit Match suit your budget. Register now and we’ll provide you with all the tools, legally approved contract templates and experience-led guidelines.  All new members have ID checked on registration.

Useful petsitter references

Learn more about ‘what is a house sit’.

Understand the ‘responsibilities of a housesitter’.

Housesitter and petsitter profile – Find out how to add huge value.

Find out how far you can travel – Petsit like a friend anywhere in the world – Beijing anyone?

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NHS Discounts High Wycombe

What does a housesitter or a petsitter have to do and why would I want to do it?

  • Entrusted with the care of property and pets whilst the owner is away
  • Given a list of duties to deliver on a routine basis for the homeowner
  • You will live rent free whilst caring for someone else’s home and pets
  • Secure an opportunity to explore a new area, many of our live in house sitters and pet sitters like to travel across the country and even across the globe!

petsitter rewards

House-sitting allows you to travel affordably, living like a local while discovering new countries or towns and enjoy living in a home environment. The opportunity to live like a local is made real when housesitting because you can ask the homeowners to be your local guide.

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