The Housesitting visa – Visa Applications

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Considering a housesit abroad?

Have you considered the documentation you need for an international house sitting assignment and  house sitting abroad? If you have just become a house sitter you might be thinking you need a housesitting visa. Think again. Housesitting is indeed a great way to travel but you need to get the documentation right. Read on to learn more.

Housesitting Visas - Access the visa information links for countries where we operate

Housesitting visa

To find the housesitting visa information you need find the country you are interested in and click the links provided. However, you need to think carefully before you go headlong into researching for a housesitting visa.

housesitting visa
Becoming a housesitter enables you to travel, experience new locations by exchanging your services as a house and pet sitter for free accommodation

Is there a housesitting visa?

Please note there is actually no dedicated ‘Housesitting visa’ option in any country.

As most housesits are of short duration you will like need a tourist visa, so don’t ask for a housesitting visa.

housesitting visa
Before you leave on your travels thinking you can pick up a housesitting visa at the airport you must prepare your travel documentation. Research your destination in detail.

Housesitting visa is merely a produce of gossip

While you may hear gossip in the housesitting communities that mentions a housesitting visa as certification to access any country, this is not the case. There is no housesitting visa. You must check where you are headed and the requirements for your particular passport to enter that country.

However, you need to check with your local embassy if this information doesn’t answer your questions. There may be additional paperwork you need to complete ahead of your trip. While you are working as a housesitter remember through Housesitmatch you are not getting paid. We only facilitate an unpaid exchange of services between housesitter and homeowner.

travelling with your dog
Michelle and Edie travel and housesit together around Europe on a tourist visa (not a housesitting visa!)

How do you learn more

Learn about the benefits of housesitting through HouseSitMatch as either a housesitter or a petsitter – CLICK HERE

Learn about the benefits of housesitting through the HouseSitMatch network as either a homeowner or a petowner  – CLICK HERE

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