Trusted House Sitters for Your Pets & Home

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If you need reliable housesitters search in our directory for your HouseSit Match. For trusted house sitters long term and short term housesitters view our listings. In this directory they are presented in order of recency of registration. Before preparing an advert for ‘housesitters required’ scan our listings you’ll find sitters to care for different pets and types of property.

Things to check on the housesitter profile include: completed ID check; police and background check; reviews by previous hosts.

Search for housesitters in the following ways:

  • Housesitters by country – If you are looking for a sitter to come to your property in a particular country when type in the name of your country in the COUNTRIES TO HOUSESIT box and your search will pull up all the sitters who have expressly requests sits in that country.
  • Housesitters by username – If you already know their USERNAME (the name by which they are known on our housesitting website) then type that in to the USERNAME box.

Note: Countries for Housesit – use commas to separate multiple searched for countries e.g. UK, France, Spain, Typing ‘ALL’ means selecting Housesitters looking for housesits in ‘All countries’;

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