Trusted List Housesitters for Your Pets & Home

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If you need reliable pet minders or home sitters search our trusted list house sitters in the directory below. Look for the sitters that will help you find your HouseSit Match. For trusted house sitters long term and short term list housesitters will help you search through our listings. In this directory they are presented in order of recency of registration.

List housesitters you can trust

list housesitters
Some housesitters form good bonds with your pets. List housesitters like this to remember who they are

Before preparing an advert for ‘housesitters required’ scan our listings you’ll find sitters to care for different pets and types of property.

As you review the listed housesitters why not reach out to a few and request a friendship connection. The you can create your own list housesitters to keep as a speed dial on Housesitmatch.

Things to check on the house sitters profile include: completed ID check; police and background check; reviews by previous hosts.

Looking for trusted housesitters

list housesitters to trust like Bev and John American pet sitters
Traveling and caring for pes can be fun and active. Bev and John are active HouseSitMatch house and petsitters

How to start looking for house sitters

First steps first, you need to join a house and pet sitting platform like

If you think you need trusted house sitters and petsitters to care for your property and pets then look no further. When you join HouseSit Match we offer you access to checked sitters who will come to your home to care for your property and your beloved pets.

How HouseSitMatch works for home and pet owners looking for house sitters

dog looking up at the dogsitter
HouseSitMatch list housesitters know that caring for the dogs is a vital part of the petsitting

On our site we use the term pet owner meaning someone who has a pet or more than one pet for which they need pet sitters. We also offer you a range of pet parenting guides to help you if you are a new petowner. Housesit Match can help you manage your responsibilities as a pet owner with ease.

  • Meet checked experienced pet lovers to care for your family pets in their own home
  • Find checked and list housesitters to keep your property safe. We operate all over the world
  • We use the term ‘checked’ because we use several professional international identity verification services to ensure we are presenting real and bone fide sitters for you to choose from- Our sitters care for your property while you are away e.g. pet care, garden care
  • You may add 2 extra home addresses to your Premium account for free i.e. for holiday home care
  • Our housesitters do not charge. No money changes hands. This is an exchange of services to help each other for Free!
Tattie the cat held by the catsitter
Pet care and keeping pets company is an important role for petsitters and list housesitters

Searching the HouseSit Match list housesitters

You can search for house sitters in the following ways:

  • List Housesitters by country – If you are looking for a sitter to come to your property in a particular country when type in the name of your country in the COUNTRIES TO HOUSESIT box and your search will pull up all the sitters who have expressly requests sits in that country.
  • List Housesitters by username – If you already know their USERNAME (the name by which they are known on our housesitting website) then type that in to the USERNAME box.

Note: Countries for Housesit – use commas to separate multiple searched for countries e.g. House sitting UK, France, Spain, Typing ‘ALL’ means selecting from list housesitters looking for housesits in ‘All countries’;

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